Newsletter–September 2011

Hi Peanut and Twig,

This month has been a lot of repetition. Monday through Friday Peanut goes to preschool for a few hours while Mama goes to class. You’re loving your preschool class. So much so that we might keep you in it spring semester when Mama isn’t in school. It could be nice to get some time to just Mama and Twig. Maybe go grocery shopping with just an infant. *gasp* Depends on money and what you think about going back.


Peanut is in the green shirt and Susan is in the pink shirt.

Tuesdays Daddy plays basketball and for the last couple of weeks that’s meant Mama and Peanut (and obviously Twig tagging along in Mama’s belly) go to the duck park with Peanut’s friend Susan. Susan is about a year younger than you, but you do really well with her. Occasionally you don’t understand that Susan doesn’t want to do something and you try to physically manipulate her so that she does it (like when you wanted to pretend there was a store under the playground and she wouldn’t go to the right side of the window), but once we explain to you that it’s not nice to pull our friends, you tell her sorry and don’t do it anymore.

Wednesdays Peanut goes to Mema and Pop Pop’s while Mama and Daddy go to their birthing class. Next month you’ll be going to Oma and Opa’s because of Mema’s work schedule. You can tell they’re all so excited that you’re going to come over because they don’t get to see you while Mama is in class anymore. You also get super excited to see them. Last weekend rather than spending time with Mama like she wanted, you had to go spend the night at Oma and Opa’s. It’s okay though, Mama is just happy that you have grandparents who love you.

Then Thursdays you have dance class with Mama. You love your dance class. You’ll show off your tondu and plie to anyone who will watch. It’s also great to get in some Mama and Peanut time without any distraction from housework or homework or anything like that.

We mostly just spend Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays at home unless we have something special planned. Friends often come over on Fridays and play board games (mostly after Peanut is asleep, but she’s still happy to see them before bed). Sundays we go and see your grandparents and eat yummy food.

Twig is still chugging along gaining yummy baby fat. You’re now the size of rutabaga, which is apparently around 13.5 inches. That’s crazy considering that Peanut was 19 inches when she was born. You’re still kicking like crazy and find it particularly amusing to kick me in the bladder and make me really need to go pee, kicking me in the stomach right when I’ve eaten to make me feel sick, and kicking me in the ribs. Yeah, only 25 weeks and already being kicked in the ribs. Short torso for the lose.

Peanut and Daddy have both felt you kick multiple times now. You even get the hiccups! Peanut goes back and forth a lot on whether she thinks you’ll be a brother or sister, but lately she’s been leaning towards brother it seems. Guess only time will tell.

Love you both,



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