Pregnant Student vs The Vending Machine

Vending machines liter my campus. There’s 3 in the sitting area by Peanut’s classroom where I study. There’s 4 right in front of me when I enter my building. There’s one around every corner in the student union.

This is par for the course for a college campus. This is to be expected. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that when I see one, the only thing I can think about is the delicious candy bar awaiting. Calling to me.

Some may say I just lack self control, and I won’t deny that I do. A better person would walk past the vending machines without a second thought. I, on the other hand, obsess about said candy bar for the next hour.

In my attempt to avoid buying expensive candy at school, I bought some “bite size” ones to bring with me. Decrease the amount I eat and save some money, right? Wrong. I just end up eating two of these at once. I’m working on ways to keep my candy-eating to a rare treat rather than a twice-a-week treat (everything in moderation, right?).

So I’ve compiled a list of delicious foods I can either pack in my lunch or keep in my bag for healthy(-ish) snacking. With these snacks, I’m trying to stick to the Brewer Diet as much as possible (high protein being the biggest focus). I’m also trying to make it toddler-friendly because she often snacks with me. So here it is!

Hopefully Delicious Enough Snacks To Keep Me Away From The Blasted Vending Machine

  • Apples and peanut butter. Holy crap this is good. I found this one during my search for pregnancy snacks and I’m eating it right now. I’ve probably gotten through four tablespoons of peanut butter with one apple (maybe that has something to do with my toddler stealing all of it for one slice of apple she keeps dipping). Oh my dear peanut butter, I’m so happy to have you back in my life.
  • Hummus and crackers. Every time I say hummus (like in my Bradley class a couple weeks ago) people cringe. I don’t know why this stuff has such a bad wrap. It’s basically a more delicious version of bean dip. I like to dip Triscuits in it (whole grain FTW!).
  • Mixed nuts. I literally just buy big tubs of mixed nuts at Costco, throw a few handfuls in a ziplock, and keep it in my bag for snacking. (On a side note: Sorry so many of these snacks are nut related. I’m just going a bit nuts about nuts now that we can have them again.)
  • Yogurt. This is definitely one for the lunchbox rather than the bag, but it’s super good for you and super delicious. I prefer Tillamook. Yum.
  • Cottage cheese. This can be used for dipping veggies, dipping crackers, or just to eat plain. My friend recently introduced dipping Triscuits in cottage cheese to me and it’s delicious.
  • Dried fruit. It’s still fruit! Raisins, mangos, apricots, mmm they’re all so good. Just make sure to not get the ones that are literally covered in sugar. Kind of backfires the whole healthy thing.
  • Trail mix. I plan on using a recipe similar to this for some I’m going to make. The most important part is making sure that you get plenty of protein in there. And yeah, I’ll add some chocolate too.
  • Sunflower seeds. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of these before! One cup has 27g of protein! Apparently just a quarter cup of them has 90% of your daily need for Vitamin E, which is great for inflammation and asthma.
  • Hard boiled eggs. A big part of the Brewer Diet is getting your eggs. Eggs are amazingly full of nutrients for their tiny size. Again, not something you can just throw in your bag (and in my case forget and have a stinky bag), but great for lunches. I love to sprinkle on some salt (another big part of the Brewer Diet) and take bites out of it. Mmm…
  • Tomato juice. Part of my problem is choosing healthy drinks. Can of tomato juice are definitely better than a soda and you’re getting veggies while you’re at it!
  • Cut up fruits. This one I’ve been doing for a while, but I still love it. Cut up and apple or orange and just bring it with you. If I stick a whole fruit in my lunch box, it’s less likely to get eaten, but if I cut it up first it’s gone first thing. How do you conveniently slice an orange you say? In eights! Just hold the orange so the stem end is up and use the biggest knife you have. Don’t be shy about it because tentative cuts make for mushy oranges. I do one light slice in a towards-me motion to give the knife a groove, then one big powerful one away to actually cut. It takes about 30 seconds and you’ll never have to peel an orange again!
  • Cheese. They’re a bit more spendy, but I love the colby-jack cheese sticks that are individually wrapped. Keeps the cheese cool longer and they’re easy to just throw in my bag. I just look out for coupons in the Sunday paper, which pop up consistently enough that I’m never paying the full price for them.
  • Luna Bars. These things are kind of spendy so I don’t eat a ton of them, but they’re great for just throwing in the bag and keeping in there until you have an emergency. They’re delicious (lots of flavors too!) and made for women, so they’re full of women-needed vitamins. Downside: toddler loves them so I have to go through a fit when she asks me for it and I say no.

I’d love some more suggestions for healthy pregnancy snacks!


One thought on “Pregnant Student vs The Vending Machine

  1. My favorite was: greek yogurt; raw nut trail mix (raw nuts and raisins); and bit of honey.

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