Project 333 Maternity Wear

Before getting pregnant, I went through my wardrobe and got rid of a lot of clothes as part of minimalizing my life. I didn’t give myself a set number of items to keep or get rid of, just that I had to get rid of anything I didn’t like wearing to begin with, was too worn, or I’d never really worn. I immediately loved the simplicity of my wardrobe. I already had a small one to begin with, but every morning I was going through the battles in my head of “Do I want to be seen in that shirt?” and “Can I get away with wearing that skirt with the hole?” I just woke up in the morning and grabbed clothes and felt good about it. I felt good wearing what I was wearing because I only wore my favorites.

Then I got pregnant.

I started wearing maternity clothes very soon into my pregnancy because I was so bloated. I continued wearing them after I stopped being so bloated because they were comfortable. I simply added the maternity clothes into my closet without taking anything out. I slowly put some of my shirts I didn’t want to stretch out to the top shelf in my closet, but I still had many of those scattered throughout. I got back to the having to make an active decision about what I was wearing in the morning “Will I stretch this out if I wear it now?” “Will this be comfortable with my belly?” “Why is this even in here anymore? I can’t fit in it!”

So I decided to get down to business and take part in Project 333. The basic idea is that you have 33 pieces of clothing for 3 months. I was intimidated at first of limiting myself to 33 items of clothing during pregnancy (because who knows how comfortable I’ll be in my current clothing when I’m about to pop), but The Saved Quarter’s post about her Project 333 maternity wardrobe gave me hope, so I set to it!

Here is my planned wardrobe until the baby is delivered (and likely a bit after while I shrink down to pre-pregnancy size):

1. Maternity Jeans

2. Black Maternity Yoga Pants


3. White Skirt (not maternity, but stretchy)

4. Purple Skirt (also not maternity, but stretchy)


5. Black with white polka-dots dress (friend gave it to me because she’s no longer pregnant. Score!)

6. Purple maternity dress (my closet was so full that I had forgotten I owned this and I love this dress!)


(part of the project is that you're supposed to "find your style" by only wearing what you truly love, cardigans are definitely my style)

7. Striped cardigan

8. Grey with black trim cardigan

9. Grey 3/4 sleeve cartigan

10. Purple cardigan


11. Blue tight shirt

12. Yellow tight shirt

13. Black wrap shirt

14. Flowery shirt

15. Green butterfly shirt

16. Yellow flowery shirt


17. Green tight shirt

18. Grey turtleneck

19. Brown squares shirt

20. Striped blue shirt


21. Grey “Mary Poppins” bag (yeah, it’s that big)

22. Black earrings

23. White earrings

24. {Fake} diamond earrings

25. Watch


26. Gryffindor Scarf

27. White gloves

28. Grey/black sweater

29. Red button up coat (not actually maternity, but my mom is planning on making an extension for it)


30. Grey cute boots (a bit worn, but not in dire need for replacement)

31. Black fuzzy boots (so comfy!)

32. Red striped flats (for special occasions)

33. Brown flip flops (yeah, the weather isn’t going to call for these most of the time, but I’m pregnant and lazy so I’m sure I’ll wear them often enough to count them)


Not Included: Underwear, bras, tank tops (because they’re essentially underwear for me), socks, wedding ring, necklaces (because I only wear one necklace at the moment, and it’s my wedding ring), swimwear, lingerie, pjs, workout wear.


So there you go! My whole wardrobe is easily numbered! I actually feel pretty proud of myself and I’m not doubting a single thing that I put away. I can’t guarantee that I won’t go searching for one of the not-favored-but-possibly-more-comfy maternity shirts towards the end of my pregnancy, but I don’t think I will as of right now. I was really concerned that in order to get 33 things out of my maternity clothes (which the majority of this actually is), I’d have at least some things that weren’t ones that I really loved to wear, but I’m entirely happy with the whole thing. I’m also already open to changing things up a bit (like I’d never thought of the flowery shirt with the purple cardigan, but I’m loving it!). Next I’m on to Peanut’s clothes!


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