Halloween Costumes on a Budget

This was the first year that Peanut actually chose what she wanted to be and as you can see, she wanted to be The Cat in the Hat. She also requested that my husband and I be Thing 1 and Thing 2 (respectively). I wasn’t too excited initially, but then I figured out a way to tie the belly into it (that’s my belly painted, which some people didn’t realized until they’d been at the party for a little while). I’m pretty happy with how our costumes turned out, even though there’s a few things I would have changed.

We spent a total of about $42 on our costumes. All of it was considered entertainment money and $6 of it was in credit. Here’s the breakdown.

The Cat in the Hat

Hat – $6 in felt (hot glue gun and sticks I already had)

Tail/bow – $3 really big pipe cleaners (in a set)

Shirt – $3 (credit, will keep for future use)

Gloves – $2 (credit, will keep for future use)

Pants – already owned

Felt for fishbowl candy holder (pictured below) – $2.50 ($1 credit)

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Dye for clothes – $6

Clothes – $12 (from Savers)

Hair color – $3

Paint – $4 (used for The Cat in the Hat too)

Felt for hubby’s number – $.50

If I were to do it again, the biggest thing I wouldn’t do was the blue hair color. You could hardly see it in my hair (and not at all in the picture) and it ran out before I even got to my husband’s hair. Secondly, I would have just bought red clothes rather than white and dying them. I figured that if I dyed white clothes that they would all end up the same color, but since it was all different types of fabrics they ended up various shades of pink/red. If I did it again, I’d just buy red clothes that still don’t match and saved the time and effort of coloring the clothes. All in all, I’m pretty happy with our costumes, especially Peanut’s-it turned out exactly how I wanted.

Here’s what Peanut’s costume ended up looking like, with the candy bag (that everyone said was much too little and she needed to be able to fit more candy! My goodness she’s 2!).

A very excited Cat in the Hat about to go trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween!

How much did you spend on Halloween this year? Did you make your own costumes? Did you stay within your budget? Did you make a specific budget for it, or just put it in a category like I did?


3 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes on a Budget

  1. We spent 3 euro!!!! My daughter wanted to be ‘BatCat the Super Cat’ (a character in the Charlie and Lola Cartoons). I went to the local thrift shop and bought a couple of grey clothes and my husband made the costume. Don’t know how to send a photo so you can see it, my daughter loved it. Ye look great btw Happy Halloween Mary

  2. I spent $5 on felt (10 pieces), and $6 on polyfil stuffing (which I will use the rest of for other projects. Oh, and I used 6 pipe cleaners I had bought for another craft project. For this, I managed to make 3 costumes! I kind of worked with what I had.
    Using yarn I had, I knit 3 grey toques, then knit 3 sets of stegosaurus spikes, in pink, orange, and green.
    I took a grey hoodie from each of my kids, and sewed felt plates to the back of it. All of my kids have grey pants already, so that was good.
    My MIL gave me leftover grey fleece from a project years ago, and with the leftover felt from the back plates, I sewed 3 dinosaur tails that have velcro waist straps.
    My 5 year old decided he didn’t want to wear his tail to trick-or-treat, but my 2 year old twins wore their whole costumes and they were a hit!
    The best thing is that all my kids wear their dino toques frequently in the house, or outside in the chilly mornings! The tails are good for dress-up too.
    But it was a lot of work. I must have spent about 20 hours total, making their costumes.

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