Listening to My Body

30 Weeks 0 Days

Something that makes so much sense is so often unexplored–listening to your body.

In our society, we’re very much into the immediate. If we’re hungry, we want our food into our hands in 2 minutes at the McDonald’s drive-thru window. If we’re tired, we want the immediate pick-me-up of a 5-hour Energy drink. If we want a new couch like the one in the magazine, we put it on our credit card and have it delivered the same day.

Over the past few years, I’ve worked to be more mindful of my body and what it is telling me. It all started with my headaches. I used to get killer migraines all through high school. I was lucky enough that, for some reason, getting pregnant with Peanut made them virtually disappear. It wasn’t until well after Peanut was born that I had another migraine. I did have the occasional headache though and I decided I wanted to know why rather than just fix it.

So I started looking at possible causes. Was it lack of food? Dehydration? Stress? Did I just need a nap? I almost always ended up fixing the headache without resorting to medicating myself. Logically, this has extended to my pregnancy, as I mentioned here. This extends beyond the realm of just not taking medications. People often want a quick fix to the “annoying little things” in their lives like needing sleep. For me, I’m just going to sleep.

Yes, this means I am sleeping a lot. This means that most days I nap with Peanut (which sometimes goes as long as 3 hours) and then I sleep another 9 hours at night. I understand that this is temporary. I understand that it is what my body needs right now. Maybe it’ll just last a few weeks, maybe it’ll last the rest of my pregnancy, either way it’s okay to get sleep.

I don’t know why we need to emphasize that sleep is good. One of the number one pieces of advice that you get as a new mom is “Sleep when the baby sleeps” and most new moms still don’t do it. Why do we have to actually tell ourselves to sleep? We force our bodies to stay awake so that we can fit more in our day. Yes, I’m not accomplishing nearly as much as I was a few weeks ago, but I am a much happier person. Isn’t that worth it?

I am now 30 weeks and 0 days pregnant. 3/4 of the way! Woohoo!

I can’t believe I already feel this huge when I still have over two months to go. I’m also TMI ALERT frustrated that my hemorrhoid is acting up (a lovely leftover from the last pregnancy). Heartburn is still sucky, but eating {literally} constantly has helped. Obviously, I’m sleeping nearly as much as I’m awake. Not-so-coincidentally, I feel much happier than I have in weeks. I’m also working on this whole not obligating myself thing. Getting rid of a bunch of the “we do this on this day” stuff and spending more time at home as done wonders for my mood.


One thought on “Listening to My Body

  1. When I was pregnant, if I did not listen to my body and sleep when it told me, it would just shut down and I would fall sleep whether I wanted to or not. That is the only time in my life I couldn’t fight to stay awake, if I chose. My pregnant body was quite strict with me, lol.

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