Financial Update – October 20th Through November 19th

This last month was really hard, but we made it! And in budget! Actually, according to my money-in versus money-out spreadsheet, we have left overs. My bank account doesn’t agree, but whatever. I can’t figure out the problem and I’m not going to stress myself out on it. I know I recorded all spending and I know that we ended the month with less than $5 in hand. That means we spent less than we made! Woohoo!

This upcoming month is going to be a bit difficult too. Not quite as bad as last month, but this is the month with the final payments to the midwife (actually two of them between November 20th and December 19th), and then we’re done. We’ll also be done paying off my MacBook this month (four months ahead of schedule). Most of that money goes to the credit card (via our Debt Snowball), but the extra payment this month obviously doesn’t and then we’re letting ourselves keep half of the regular midwife payment (not the technical Dave Ramsey way, but considering we had nearly as much spending money as we were paying the midwife in a month, we’re letting ourselves have some slack).

My husband also got a raise, which is awesome. $3000 more a year gross. I’m honestly the most happy with what that says about job security. Not that I thought he would lose his job, but if they’re telling him he’s awesome and giving him more money, he’s definitely not on the chopping block. With this extra money, we won’t qualify for WIC anymore, so I’ll have to start spending more on groceries. Our parents also want us to take up our own cell phones (they’ve been lovely and had us basically pay them the bare minimum until now) because our contracts are up. We’re still probably going to stay on my parents’ plan, but pay an equal share of everything in it (including the start up costs). Those two things will take up a large part of the raise, but we may still have a little extra at the end.

On to the spending!

Going out: $108.15 I’m upset this number is so high. It’s partially because of impulse buying while I’m at school. Also partially because when I get incredibly pregnant it’s harder for me to keep cooking dinner like I should.

Pets: $44.10 Bought cat food. It’ll last us a while.

Personal: $55 Peanut went to the doctor and we got her some medicine.

Grocery: $115.27 I’m pretty happy with this number. As I said, it’ll be higher in future months, but I’m still proud that we’re working through what we already have. I need to make more dinners though, so that is skewing this number.

Car: $186.89 Husband had to get his license renewed and the rest is gas. My van actually went into the shop this month, but my lovely parents took care of it. We’re going to pay them back half the total cost next month (the other half they said is a gift).

Gifts: $1.10 I’m pretty proud of my Christmas spending so far. This one was Peanut’s “something to read” and my “something you want” from Amazon. I had a little over $25 in gift cards from SwagBucks and used Super Saver Shipping. I’ll do a post going over all my Christmas shopping/knitting once Christmas is over so no one sees their gifts before they should.

House: $67.08 We had our furnace serviced (it was in great condition he said) and bought a table for gaming. The table wasn’t strictly needed and I debated whether to get it at all, but it was a fantastic deal (half of what we normally saw this type of table for) and I know it’ll be put to good use.

Children: $1.51 Bought Peanut some new boots. It took multiple times looking, but I found some that were perfect at the local kid’s consignment store. I had credit there from selling some of Peanut’s old clothes, so that’s why it’s so low.

Entertainment: $19.15 Halloween makeup, a SwagBucks game that my husband bought because it gave him 700 Swagbucks (which more than made up for the $3 price of the game), and a knitting needle that I bought to make a gift, but I could technically have made something with the needles I already had, so I decided it counted as my entertainment.

Clothes: $0 This one is $0 because my mom is awesome. Over the last month my only two pairs of maternity pants both acquired holes. Went to the local maternity consignment store and got a pair of jeans and a pair of black pants. My mom is so nice.

School/office: $0

Other: $0.30 Lost $.11 and paid $.19 in interest on the line of credit (which was a stupid mistake on my part ).


  1. Student Loans: $185.11
  2. Netflix: $8.54 Counting this as a bill because it’s a monthly charge. I know it’s entertainment though.
  3. Gym Membership: $17.09 Someone suggested that I have a doctor write a note to get me out of this, but I’m afraid. I need to actually go talk to my doctor and see if he will.
  4. Life Insurance: $46.29
  5. Power: $90
  6. Bradley Class: $50
  7. Gas: $46 So nice to be on the even payments schedule. Our bill would normally be much higher than this when it’s cold!
  8. Car Insurance: $78.69
  9. Mortgage: $900.99
  10. Internet: $43.49 Technically got reimbursed (from husband’s work) more than we paid this month for our internet. 😀 We’re not sure how long the reimbursement will continue now that he’s no longer on call (part of the raise).
  11. MacBook: $153
  12. DirecTV: $48.70 Part of our cancellation fee.
  13. Midwife: $300
  14. Credit Card: $66 Ugh I’m mad at myself about this. Forgot to transfer the money (it’s in the same account and everything!), so we got charged a $25 late fee. I have payments set up for the next few months. Pretty soon we’ll be paying $370 per month to this one!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this month. I want our spending to be more deliberate this upcoming month and I’m doing the envelope budgeting system to get that done. I’m certainly feeling the high of paying things off and it’s great! Under our current plan, we won’t have any more consumer debt in 9 months! We’ll still have student loans to pay off, but it feels like a big step.


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