Breastfeeding in the Third Trimester

I’m 33 weeks now and things are still going steadily on the nursing front. Peanut still loves it and it gives me the ability to go to sleep, which is very much appreciated at the moment. We have no plans on stopping. Really, even if it wasn’t an enjoyable experience I probably wouldn’t stop right now because I’d worry that Peanut would get jealous when the baby comes and gets to nurse.

I have been experiencing one nursing problem that I literally have not had to deal with in over two years–engorgement. Peanut generally nurses at naptime, bedtime, and in the morning. Generally on both sides (unless she falls asleep on the first side). This has been working well for us and she’s definitely gotten what she wanted supply-wise, but then all of a sudden my supply seemed to ramp up and I actually got engorged!

Granted, this particular day was one where Peanut was in preschool through naptime, so we missed that nursing session. We also may have skipped the morning session, I’m not sure. So by the time that the evening came, I was very full on one side and pretty full on the other too. My right side was actually to the point of tenderness. Considering that I’ve had low supply issues as a general rule, I literally haven’t felt engorged in at least two years, if not longer. It’s a really weird sensation for me!

Considering how uncomfortable it was, I can say that it’ll be nice to have another nursling there to help take up some of the slack when engorgement happens in the early days. It was such relief to actually have her nurse! It also makes me hopeful that I won’t have supply issues after Twig is born.

I’ve also implemented a rule that someone suggested to me at La Leche League that seems to help with any of the discomfort I was having with nursing her in the daytime. We now only nurse in the bed. It’s not a hard-fast rule. The other night when we were over at Mema’s and she wanted to nurse before we left for home, I nurse her sitting on the couch. It’s considerably more painful when nursing upright though because we can’t get quite the right position and she gets distracted and whips her head around (an over-exaggeration, but that’s what it feels like to me). At home though, when she asks to nurse I tell her we have to go lay down then. Often she just decides to wait to nurse, which is fine by me.

How is nursing going for everyone else? Anyone else have experiences they’d like to share from nursing late in pregnancy? Any tips on my upcoming days of nursing a newborn and a toddler?


2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding in the Third Trimester

  1. Hi Claire,

    I’m “due” the day after you. (Note quotations). My son asks to nurse about once every 3 days or so. It’s special when he does, but at the same time I kind of feel a little relieved that it’s not all that frequently. I think it would be a great thing for him to tandem nurse. I think it would be really great for their bonding. Besides the tenderness though, I get these incredibly strong Braxton hicks contractions… I know they are generally a good thing, but somehow they still make me a little nervous, despite all the knowledge in the world. We had problems with a forceful let-down and over-supply when he was little too. Until I worked on correcting the problem at about 5 months old, he used to choke, and scream, and pull off almost every time he latched on. Nursing in public was just way too stressful an idea with that going on… Then the questions from people… Even my poor, sensitive husband was wondering why he would cry so much. Oh boy, what a treasure the peaceful, eager nursing was when he grew older. Needless to say, I’m wondering how the newborn will be able to deal with toddler-sized flow, if he starts again, so I have a sort of side-hope that he will be happy to just snuggle up. Just wish my in-laws were used to the idea too… I had to keep reassuring them when they knew he was still nursing while I was pregnant. Nursing was one thing… but they’d never heard of it while pregnant… and sadly, the younger generation seemed to take it worse than the older. That really surprised me. It’s so nice to see the big smile on his face when he’s about to have some. He goes “ah-hah!! Ah-hah!”, with a huge grin. Priceless. So glad it’s working well for you and Peanut.

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