Are you going to have a water birth?

33 Weeks 1 Day

It’s a question that almost always follows the announcement that we’re giving birth at home. I suppose it’s a good thing that I’m not generally met with outrage. I think that more people would be upset if it weren’t already expected that we’re “the weird ones.” I think that most family and friends realize that our parenting decisions differ from the general populace and that we feel strongly about them. We’ve had the occasional question about safety and what not, but mostly people just accept that we’re going to do what we do.

What surprises me though is when strangers don’t react. Somehow it ends up coming up in a conversation (e.g. “What hospital are you going to give birth at?”) or my proud mother decides to tell the world. 😛 Either way it ends up coming up in general conversation more than I thought it ever would. Weirdly, the reaction generally isn’t shock or disgust, but “Are you planning on a water birth?” Somehow home birth and water birth appear to have gotten intertwined, at least in my neck of the woods.

What’s my answer? Maybe. Yeah, I’m awesomely non-committal like that.

I have no idea what I’ll feel like doing when I’m in labor. How would I possibly know? From what everyone says, the water is great when you’re in labor. Personally, I didn’t really like it last time. That may have been because I didn’t use it late enough in labor (the only tub was in my in-laws’ bathroom and I didn’t feel like disturbing them late at night, especially when I didn’t think I was close to birth yet). It could be that Peanut was posterior. I have no idea, I just know that I filled the tub and got back out within a few minutes because it just wasn’t helping me. What helped me was being on all fours in the shower and counter-pressure.

So who knows if it’ll help this time. Maybe it’ll be a lifesaver like everyone says it is. Maybe I’ll be disappointed with it’s lack of effectiveness again. Maybe I’ll be in an out of it and happen to be out when I want to push. So I’m planning on having on having it available (my midwife says that she has a kiddie pool that works perfect for birth and we can borrow), but I’m not going to make any decisions on what I want to do with it until I’m there. Like so many things with labor, it just varies.

I am now 33 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I am feels So. Incredibly. Pregnant. I seriously can’t understand how I have another two months to go! I’m sleeping all the time, still have heartburn like crazy, am irrationally irritable (though doing better on the “mean mommy” front I would say), and just sooooo uncomfortable. I don’t remember feeling like this so early last time.

I also don’t remember being so bit. I’ve been sneaking baths in the jacuzzi tub at both my in-laws’ and my parents’ whenever we go over there (our tub is pathetically small) and they both have very large mirrors that go lower than mine does. When I’m getting ready to get it the tub, I literally look at myself and think “Holy crap! When did I get this big?!?” I’ve on multiple occasions thought about having my husband come up and marvel at my large-ness, but then realize that he sees it every day. Even with feeling huge, I amazingly don’t feel fat. Honestly, the acne on my back bothers me more than my size. I still feel like my pregnant body is beautiful.


3 thoughts on “Are you going to have a water birth?

  1. Giggle giggle. i was non-committal like that too! I had a water birth set-up, but I also had a birthing ball and my bed already to labor on. I just didn’t know what I would want!

    I tried all three when I was actually in labor, the water won. WAYYYYY won. I got in, then got out, then immediately got back in again.

    I LOVE that you feel big but not fat. That is so wonderful! Go you!

  2. It’s all trial and error in the end, I also had a birthing-bath, pilates ball and tens machine AND a gas mask at my disposal!!! The water DEFINITELY won in the end as well in terms of really awesome pain-control, I could even crack a few jokes in the throws of the contractions but I had to get out and have a dry birth because I opted for a pethidine injection. The peth just took the edge off which was great coz I still felt everything but my baby lost his rooting reflex which is a minor side-effect.
    All the best however it turns out.

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