Flu Vaccine Decisions

Hello blogging world! In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been absent for the past couple of weeks. The beginning of that can be attributed to finals, then immediately after escaping school, we were struck down with a lovely illness. It appears to be a cold, but it got me to thinking about the flu vaccine.

Last year, after actually getting the flu, I wrote this post on how I was debating my decision to not get the vaccine. Someone who had read that post asked me a couple of months ago what my final decision was on the flu vaccine. Were we going to get it this year? My decision: no flu vaccine.

The flu sucked. Absolutely. I hated how I felt, how Peanut felt, and I especially hated the fear I had as a mother for my child. It was annoying not being able to leave the house and having to reschedule things. I didn’t like having to make the decision of whether or not to give my child a drug that could potentially help her immensely and could potentially give her awful side effects.

Regardless, I still do not think that the vaccine is worth it. The mercury in the shots (yes, even in the children shots if it’s multi-dose). The over-exaggerated statistics. All the guess work involved in deciding which strain will be most prominent. The false security that the shot actually protects you from the flu. These and more are still my reasons for not getting the flu shot this year.

What got me thinking about my decision not to get the flu shot was this article on Mothering.com today. It’s specifically talking about the recommendation that pregnant women get the flu shot and how that recommendation is unfounded and dangerous. It goes over many of my personal reasons for avoiding the flu shot and I thought that you all might find it interesting.


5 thoughts on “Flu Vaccine Decisions

    • Preservatives aren’t my only issue. That’s definitely good to know though.

  1. I have always had flu shots in the past since my mom was going through chemo. This year, i am staying away from them for myself and my 19mo girl. I have also been putting off her 18m needles. I will have that discussion with our dr soon.

    • I always had flu shots growing up and I’ve actually gotten the flu less since I stopped getting them. 😛

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