Patience is a Virtue

37 Weeks 3 days. I think I may wear only dresses for the rest of this pregnancy. So comfy.

Sometimes it’s really hard to practice what you preach. Being patient while waiting for Twig to be born is definitely one of those cases.

I have absolutely no plans of getting induced in the hospital. I think that induction without A. Cause, and B. Trying every non-medical way of induction first, is foolish. I also don’t plan on trying to induce myself naturally as of this moment, though that certainly is tempting. My patience (or lack thereof) is purely mental. I won’t do anything to physically alter my state of pregnancy, but I’ll certainly drive myself nuts thinking about when this baby is going to come!

So yesterday at my midwife appointment, she was feeling the baby’s position. At the appointment before, there was a moment where she thought that Twig might be breech, but then decided that the head was just really far down. At this appointment she still thought the head was really far down there, but wanted to check vaginally just to be sure. I almost told her not to tell me anything about dilation, but decided not to say anything.

She said the baby is really low and in a great position, my cervix is nice and squishy, effaced to 70% (or maybe 85%, which is a number she said later, but by that point my head was spinning so I didn’t fully understand what she was talking about), and she could “stretch” my dilation to a 2. I know none of these numbers matter, but it’s hard to not get myself excited. I’m just as likely to deliver three weeks from now as tomorrow, regardless of my cervix’s current state. She did say to my husband that she’s guessing I won’t go beyond my due date though, so that’s nice.

I am now 37 weeks and 3 days along. Woohoo I’m Full-term! Simultaneously, Oh My God I’m Full-term! I feel like I still have so much to do! I have a list that’s much longer than I thought it would be for a second child and I need to go grocery shopping. Luckily, I think I’ve finished the really important things (which there weren’t that many of). Things would go a-okay if I went into labor right now, but there are a few things I’d like to get done before the baby comes just because of the blur of postpartum approaching. Speaking of, don’t forget that you can guest post on this blog while I’m busy with the new babe! I’m still accepting submissions!

I’ve been incredibly swollen this past few days. At my midwife appointment I had gained 8 lbs in 5 days (after only 18 up until that point in the whole pregnancy), which she said is likely due to my water retention and holiday snacking. She told me to eat more protein (and specifically lean meats rather than lots of milk like I normally do because the lactic acid makes your muscles work harder) and drink as many fluids as I can get in myself. Beyond that, some swelling is normal and I don’t have any other symptoms to be worried about.

I’ve also been having braxton hicks even more and they’re even stronger. Multiple times last night, I was actually woken up by them. That’s fun. And I appear to have lost my mucus plug. Multiple times at that. It will just keep regenerating itself and being lost again, so I guess I get to keep losing it over and over until the baby comes out. That’s nice and weird. I don’t remember that from last time. Actually, I don’t remember most of these things from last time. Oh well, every pregnancy is different, right?


6 thoughts on “Patience is a Virtue

  1. We love you darling and don’t worry, anything that you don’t get done Curtis or I can do for you. I’m so stoked about this baby I can hardly stand it. Soon we will have a new little one in our lives! Welcome to the world sweet child!

  2. PATIENCE is certainly a virtue. Once you know you have concieved it is patience from there on. You have to wait while your baby develops invisibly😊. It sounds like your midwife did a sweep with your cervix (separating the cervix from the bag to stimulate hormones for contractions). That’s maybe why you are getting string cramps down below that are a bit stronger than Braxton hicks. Have a relaxing shower/bath to get those hormones going. If your midwife has stretched you to 2cms it means your labour could start within 24-48 hours. Or at least you will get signs, as you are now. BE PATIENT things could be happening, BUT you may not get into established labour for a few days. All the best. 🌺👍

    • Thanks, but I really don’t think my midwife would strip my membranes without my permission. She didn’t give any indication that she thought I’d go into labor within the next few days and we have no medical need to get the baby out. I’m only 37 weeks along too, so I’m far from overdue.

  3. Every pregnancy is definately different! Both times I felt when I lost my mucous plug, and my water broke within 5 minutes. I was 39 weeks with my first pregnancy, and 36 with my second though(twins so it was different). Good luck! I’d say try to relax, but you know that, and it IS difficult with a toddler.

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