Newsletter-November/December 2011

Hello my little darlings,

It feels like so much has happened over the last two months! School ended for both myself and Peanut at the beginning of December. I can tell you miss your preschool friends Peanut, but I also think you’re happy to be home with Mama all day. We spend the day doing puzzles (your current obsession), helping Mama with house work (you love to sort socks, put away the silverware, and feed the dog), and watching Dinosaur Train.

Oh boy, do you love Dinosaur Train. You request it many more times a day than you’re allowed to have it. You’ve convinced both of your sets of grandparents to DVR so you can watch it at their houses (more than Mama likes, but that’s how everything is with grandparents, right?), which has never happened before because generally you have a specific show for a specific household. You love to sing the songs from the show even when it’s not on (like stomping around the house screaming “I’m a T-rex! I’m a T-rex! Stomping ’round the forest, ty-ran-no-saur-us rex!”) and you got mad when Mema called you her “buddy” because you’re not Buddy, that’s a dinosaur. You also tell people you’re a Pteranodon.

Here’s a video of you running around the basketball court Daddy is playing on “exercising” and pretending to be a Pteranodon:

You also quite love Tangled. You got a doll and dress-up dress from your Mema and Pop Pop for Christmas and that doll goes everywhere with you. We keep talking about how her name is Rapunzel, not Tangled, but you still call her Tangled. You’ll eventually get it.

As I said earlier, you love puzzles. You got puzzles from all your grandparents this year because they all know how much you love them. The other morning you were begging Daddy to wake up and do one of your puzzles with you. The same puzzle that we’ve literally done about a dozen times since you got it a week ago.

You also love to do your “trick” with putting on your coat. Apparently they taught you at preschool. You lay the coat flat and put your hands into the arm holds (hood of the coat closest to you) and swing it over your head to put it on. It’s actually pretty nice because you no longer fight getting your coat on, but you also have to show everyone your new trick. You also love showing people how you can play Angry Birds (better than Mama can) and Plants Versus Zombies (not very well at all) on Mama’s phone.

You’re back in our bed, which you actually have been for months and I think I’ve just forgotten to mention on here. I think it’s partially nervousness about the new baby coming and partially Mama not wanting to lay in your bed to nurse you to sleep. While I could deal with less kicks to the belly from the outside (and really from the inside too, mind you), I do love cuddling with you every night. Hopefully your nursing and co-sleeping helps all of us transition to a family of four easier.

Speaking of our family of four, you’re super excited for your new brother or sister. Lately you think it’s a brother. You love to give the baby a hug and kiss goodnight through my belly and put your hand on my belly to see if the baby is kicking. Usually you give up after about two seconds and tell me the baby is sleeping. You also keep smelling my belly, which is kind of weird, but whatever.

Twig, you’re just chugging along. According to my emails, you’re the size of leek right now. I’ve never had a leek, but it looks like something Bunny would like. You’re also kicking like crazy, though I can’t blame you considering your head is stuck way down low in my pelvis. That certainly can’t be comfortable.

It’s amazing to me that the next time I write one of these, you’re going to be outside of my body. Wow. We thought you might be coming the other night, but it turned out to be a false alarm. In the end it was a good thing though because it made is kick into high gear with preparing for you. We’ve already finished a ton of things on our list and I feel like we’re truly ready for you to come at any point. Of course though, keep cooking in there as long as you need to. I’m certainly not going to rush you out. Though I’m starting to really want to know if you’re a boy or girl.

I love you both so much I could cry,



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