Knitted Hats

Since Christmas is over, I can start sharing the gifts I knitted for people on here! I finally started knitting in the round and I actually like it! And oh my goodness after knitting on these bamboo needles, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to metal. Even for my flat projects I’ve been using the bamboo needles if it fits (they’re double pointed, so not everything does fit without falling off).

I got a big set of double-pointed bamboo needles as part of my Christmas, though I started using them long before Christmas since I was knitting gifts. To be honest, I haven’t finished most of my Christmas gifts, but I’m working on them still. I’m sure that the family doesn’t mind getting them a little late. Anyway, thought they’re unavailable at the time of this posting, I would definitely recommend this set of needles and it’s at a great price.

So with my newly acquired double-pointed needles, I started knitting my first hats. This first one is a simple knitted hat from the book Last-minute Knitted Gifts. It certainly took me more than 2-4 hours, but I’m also not an expert knitter. I made this for my dad for his birthday, so it’s an adult male sized hat. Peanut, of course, didn’t care and had to wear it anyway.

Boy she's making a creepy face in this picture.

This second hat is from the same pattern, but it’s the garter brim variation. I made it for my brother-in-law for Christmas.

Both hats seemed a bit big in my opinion, but maybe they’ll shrink a bit with washing. I used an acrylic yarn that I bought from a lady selling her excess and they’re really comfy. I think my husband would even wear one of these and he’s not a big hat person. They were a lot easier than I thought they’d be and I felt super accomplished while I was making them. They actually look like hats when they’re on the needles! It’s a silly thing, but it keeps me going to actually see my progress. I’d definitely recommend these to a new knitter looking to start knitting in the round. Also, toddler pony tails work great for marking the beginning of your row!


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