Making the Most of My Time

40 Weeks 0 Days. Baby has dropped over the last two weeks!

Today is my due date. First off, this does not mean that you’re allowed to start asking me every day if I’ve had the baby yet. I’ve decided that Facebook posts that ask me will be deleted (I already had to delete one yesterday), texts will go without response, etc. If I feel frustrated at someone prying about this baby being born, I’m just simply going to ignore it. It’s not worth getting myself upset (by having conversations with all these people about how the baby hasn’t come yet) or hurting my relationships (by reacting badly to their comments).

But that’s not the purpose of today’s post. Today I’m talking about the little bit of time we have left as a family of three.

After the prodromal labor two weeks ago, I was really sent into high gear. When I thought I was in labor, I realized how unprepared I really was. I had the big things done, but things would still be a mess if I went into labor right then. So I took the following week really paring down my “To Do Before Baby” list and was intensely satisfied when it was as completed as possible (with some things that had to wait until a certain day or other event to happen still on it). My house was the cleanest it had ever been, everything I needed to do for the next couple of months was in order, and I was sitting there waiting.

I found myself re-cleaning things that had already been cleaned. I felt horribly impatient. I felt angry at the other moms on Twitter who were having their babies. I felt grouchy and irritable and just sooo tired of being pregnant.

Then I realized how this is all effecting Peanut. She had to deal with the mom who was being a grouch. She had to deal with the mom who wasn’t paying enough attention to her because she was busy. She gets the short end of the stick and after the baby comes, it’ll get even worse. So I decided that the rest of my time will be spent absolutely adoring my daughter.

I know we’ll find a new normal, but for a while things are going to get really tough for her. She’s so excited to meet the baby (and hold it and play with it and take a bath with it), but I don’t think she really realizes that things will be different for her. There will be extra stress and there will be less time devoted to her. It’s just a fact when you have two kids. There will be an adjustment. So until this baby comes, I’m spending my time playing with her, cuddling with her, and just giving her all the attention I possibly can. Hopefully it’ll help her with the changes to come.

Today I am 40 weeks and 0 days pregnant. The dreaded due date. I’ve been crampy and can hardly sleep, no matter how much I try. Heartburn is still killer, which doesn’t seem fair considering it’s supposed to calm down when the baby lowers. At my midwife appointment yesterday she said my body looks “more ready” and my bump is moving lower. This, of course, also means I’m getting some awesome pelvic pressure. Also peeing every 5 minutes and can’t poo for the life of me. Yeah, I know you wanted to know that.


2 thoughts on “Making the Most of My Time

  1. Take heart! There is an adjustment, but it isn’t always all that bad. My own daughter came through with flying colours when her younger brother was born. I had many fears about regression, and in our case none of them came to pass.

    Wishing you an easy transition to a family of four.

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