Knitted Toddler Sweater

Since I’m new to knitting, I’ve been trying to learn new techniques. One book I’ve really liked for learning the basics is Knitting for the First Time. Starting from the very basics, it gives you simple projects that teach you one or two new techniques at a time. This sweater is technique #3, which teaches you how to purl, create a stockinette stitch, and decrease stitches with the knit 2 together method. I was mostly interested in the decreasing stitches part. I also learned how to increase stitches from this because it was used in the previous technique.

I finished all of the individual pieces and then lost myself in other projects. Since it was Peanut’s “something to wear” for Christmas, I stayed up until 1-2am on Christmas Eve mattress stitching it all together. I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s a bit big for Peanut right now (the options were 2T or 4T and she’s in 3T, so I opted for 4T), but it’s still super cute on her. I also learned how to block pieces so they’re all nice and square and the right size.

Peanut in her new sweater on Christmas morning.

So excited! She even picked the yarn!

I did mess up in one spot, but it’s not noticeable. I was confused about which side was the right side and which was the wrong side when I was making the back, so the neck shaping is accidentally on the outside. Not anything you’d notice when she’s just wearing it, but I’m sure if this were a contest I’d get some points off for that. 😛 Doesn’t matter, it was made with love!


3 thoughts on “Knitted Toddler Sweater

  1. Cute! I dabble with knitting as well (I feel like I know a lot until I start reading patterns and then I’m all, WHAT?!). The sweater is gorgeous, as is your daughter.

    (Have I said hello before? I’m a quiet reader of your blog. Don’t usually comment, but I’m readin’.)


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