Newsletter – January 2012

Little Misses,

We started off the new month with Twig on the inside and ended with her outside. It’s surreal to think of it that way.

Peanut and I spent the first 19 days of the month having all the mommy-daughter time we could in anticipation of no longer being a family of three and all the changes that brings. We watched movies and cuddled on the couch, we went to the library, we cleaned house together, and we watched lots of birth videos. You loved watching the birth videos and talking about how the baby was going to come out of mommy’s tummy soon.

On the 20th, Twig decided to grace us with her presence and she certainly did it with a bang. Less than three hours of labor and nine and a half pounds of bang. Peanut was there and helping through the whole labor and was instantly in love with her new baby sister.

The rest of the month was spent adjusting to being a family of four. Peanut had a bit of a hard time and there were lots of emotional outbursts and some defiance, but none of it was ever directed at Twig. Quite on the contrary, Peanut, you wanted to spend all your time kissing, cuddling, and especially nursing with Twig.

Twig, you seem to be very content with life outside the womb. You nurse like a champ and you love spending most of your day being held by mommy in a carrier. Of course, you spent most of the end of January sleeping, but when you were awake you were amazingly alert. Everyone’s astonished how well you hold up your head for a newborn and at your two week appointment (technically in February) you had already gained 1 pound and 1 ounce.

Just like everyone said it would, my heart swelled when Twig was born, giving me the amazing ability to love both of you each individually as much as I loved Peanut before, then some more on top of that to be able to love the both of you as sisters too. I had absolutely nothing to worry about in that department. I’m so happy that I have two beautiful little girls and I know that your love for each other will just grow with time. I’m ecstatic that we’re opening this new chapter in our lives.


Photos by Cat Palmer.


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