All About Books — You’re Going to Be a Big Sister!

Today’s guest post is from Gretchen at That Mama Gretchen. Not only does she have an awesome name, but her blog is fantastic! I got hooked on her a while back during her Wool Week and I’m so happy I found her blog! Now she’s expecting her second and I’m excited to hear her journey into being a mother of two. 

I’m so excited to pop in while Miss Meredith gets extra snuggles from her mama!

I blog over at That Mama Gretchen about life with my toddler and our new little baby on the way. To celebrate our latest little blessing Jemma and I trekked to the library to find some books about becoming a big sister.

Jemma is a total book girl. Most days she forgoes toys to flip through books and magazines. She “ooos” and “ahhhs” at animals, families, nature scenes, and goes crazy for books with touch ‘n feel features 🙂 So, although she is just 16 months, I figured books would be the best way to begin talking about the new baby that will be moving in this August.

We found 4 fabulous books that each took a different spin on welcoming a baby …

Of course, Jemma adored Where Did That Baby Come From? since it featured kitties. I loved the illustrations in There’s Going to Be a Baby and What Baby Needswas very attachment friendly as it showcased babywearing by both parents, nursing, and cosleeping. But, best of all was Pecan Pie Baby! I won’t ruin the story, but will tell you that I appreciated the way the mama responded to her child’s concerns about a new baby. This mama found a common ground for the three of them (mama, toddler, and baby) to connect is a special way. It was super sweet and I hope to find a similar way for Jemma and I to envelope a new baby into our special bond.

I’m sure this isn’t our first round of big sister books and I’d love to hear your recommendations! Please share your favorites – our library card is waiting to be put to use again!

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If you are interested in other blog posts about welcoming new siblings, these are a few of my recent read:

Mama to my sweet girl, Jemma, and another expected to arrive this summer! I share about our days over at That Mama Gretchen sprinkled with memos about our attachment parenting experience, thrifty finds, crafty projects, and our goal of becoming more green. Stop by for a visit, we’d love to have you! You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and my favorite, PINTEREST!


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