Newsletter- February 2012

Peanut and Twig,

February was our month of finding a new normal. We started off the month rough, but by the end we were starting to figure things out. We still have a way to go, but our life as a family of four is starting to work.

Peanut, you’re simply brilliant. I’m constantly amazed at how smart you are. You’ve shown an interest in learning to read, so I started researching it. In my research I simply couldn’t find anything about 3 year-olds who want to read! Some sites discuss 4 year-olds, but they generally refer to them starting to learn their alphabet or things like that. We’ve started trying to make letter sounds with letters instead of just saying what letter it is and you’ve taken to doing it on your own. I come into a room and find you looking at a book or some other thing with letters on it and making the sound for each letter. You’re just so smart!

Your birthday party is coming up in a few weeks and you’re immensely excited. You’ve decided on a Tangled theme. You’re obsessed with that movie, so I’m not surprised. Since we’ve watched it probably a dozen times and then listened to the CD way more times than that, I know most of the words to most of the songs. One of your favorite things is to have me sing the songs and I can tell you’re trying to learn them yourself. We’ve invited four of your little friends (sticking to the rule of age child is turning + 1) to your no-gift birthday party. This is the first time we’re having a friends birthday party for you and I’m very excited planning it. Mama loves hosting events and planning parties. We’re trying to keep it simple, but very much Tangled themed. You’re going to love it!

We’re working on your sleep this month too. All of the things we were doing kind of went out the window when Twig was born, so since things are settling down I decided to work on them again. You were going to bed much too late and waking up much too early. I think that you’re just naturally going to wake up at 7am, so we’re working on moving your bedtime back to 8pm (rather than like 10pm, as it has been in the recent past). We’re also working on getting you to sleep in your own bed again. Mama was just feeling too crowded in our bed, especially since you insist on sleeping on top of me half the time!

Twig, you’re also quite brilliant if I do say so myself. Yeah, I think I’m a little biased when it comes to my beautiful daughters. 😛 Anyhow, you rolled over from front to back for the first time around 3 weeks, just as Peanut did. It’s now frequent for me to turn to get you from your tummy time and find you on your back. You also hold your head up really well during tummy time. If you’re well rested, you can hold your head all of the way up for a couple of seconds. Everyone remarks on your amazing head control when you’re in the carrier out and about.

You also smile all of the time. I thought that you were smiling at me at one-week old, but wasn’t entirely sure if it was “gas smiles” or not, but it turns out it definitely wasn’t. You have progressed to smiling more and more and now you smile at everyone who holds you. All it takes is a big smile and happy voice on our parts and you’re beaming. Sometimes even when you’re getting upset and I smile and talk to you, you stop getting upset to smile. I’m pretty sure you’re ticklish in your armpits because that makes you smile too.

Love you both,



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