I’m a Natural Parent, but…

I’m slightly out of touch in the blogosphere (What?! Having a baby is distracting? Since when?). I do try to keep up with a few of my favorite blogs though, and one of them is definitely Hobo Mama. Which means that while I was unawares of this awesome blog carnival before it was actually posted, I loved the idea when I saw her contribution on her blog. So, while it’s too late to be included in the carnival, I decided to post my version.

Personally, I love it when I hear a parent that I look up to’s little dirty secrets. Not because I want to think I’m better than them, but instead because I like to get that affirmation that no one has it under control, not even the people that I admire. I like to know that other people also do the things that I feel guilty about doing as a parent. I like to know that I’m not the only one. So here we go, here are my top three non-natural parent things I do.

Peanut playing on mama's phone while sitting on daddy at 23 months.

In our house, we love technology. My husband plays video games every night. When I put together the swing, I was immensely happy that Twig seemed to like it. I am in love with my Apple products and have a mini-heart attack when my iPhone dies (which is almost daily). I strictly monitor Peanut’s TV intake, but she still gets more than I’d like. I love unabashedly love television myself, it’s one of my favorite “me” activities. Most of our toys are the delicious plastic battery-powered sort. And, probably the most shocking, Peanut has her own iPhone. When I upgraded to my 3gs, she got my iPhone vanilla. It mostly sat around dead and was only charged for special occasions when we’d need to keep her happy for extended periods of time like a car trip. Then when I upgraded to the 4s this last Christmas, she got my 3gs. We charge it regularly. She has a little side pocket of her backpack that she takes it in when we leave the house. She even takes it with her when she has sleep overs at her grandparents. She probably knows how to use an iPhone better than you.

My food intake is far from perfect. I have a major sweet tooth. I love baking and I love that people love what I bake. I am famous for my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and I know my snickerdoodles are a favorite of many friends. Beyond making treats, I also love to buy them. Many of my favorite places to eat are favorites based mostly on their collections of sugary goodies. One of the first things I requested after Twig was born was a sandwich and cookie from my favorite sandwich shop. Speaking of eating out, I love that too. At home I have a freezer full of farm-fresh antibiotic and hormone free meat, but I go out to eat often enough that I sometimes wonder if it even matters what we eat at home. I love everything about going out to eat and always have. One of my favorite things to do is to go to lunch with Peanut, Twig, and my mom.

Yeah, I've loved Coke for this long. Alright, I probably wasn't actually drinking it that long ago.

My last thing is along the same line as the last one. I’m addicted to caffeine. I loves me a Coke. I recently got so bad about how many I was drinking (which was still only about 3 cans a day, but that’s a lot in my mind) that we stopped buying soda at the grocery store. We tend to go through phases of buying soda and then not, so that’s not unusual. I could try to just stop drinking soda, but I don’t want to. I love soda. I also love coffee. Since we stopped buying soda, I’ve been drinking more of it. Loaded with delicious creamer. If I don’t drink some sort of caffeine, I get a headache. Even more so since Twig was born and I started drinking more caffeine again. I have been drinking caffeine so long that I don’t notice the effects in terms of keeping me awake, but rather just keeping me from getting cranky and a headache. Yeah, full fledged addiction.

Some of that was embarrassing to admit to. Some of it I wish we could change. Some of it I don’t care to change at all. None of us are perfect people or perfect parents. Even the most natural parent does some things that conflict with their philosophies. I think that what matters is where we’re at the majority of the time. Most of my decisions are healthy for my family and the environment, but we all have our vices. We all have things that matter to us and it’s different from person to person. You may find some of the things that I do appalling and I may not agree with all of your choices either, but the important thing is that we all make the decisions that are best for ourselves, our circumstances, and our families.

What’s your dirty little secret? Do you do anything that entirely conflicts with your parenting philosophies and ideals? Do you ever feel like you can’t let others know some of the things you do for fear of not fitting into the perfect “natural parent” mold?


3 thoughts on “I’m a Natural Parent, but…

  1. One major thing is that we watch way to much TV when home. We play outside plenty but if I need a break (like now on the computer) the TV is on for the kids. I hate how much I rely on it.
    I don’t always make my kids wear helmets and I let them jump all over the couches and we play pretty rough with them.
    I swear ALL the time in front of them and I don’t care to stop. Damn it. I’m trying though.
    My kids know my Android very well too. They play games and read on it. I think that’s a good thing.
    I really look forward to doing things without them too. I love them to death but since we are together 24/7 I don’t look back when I leave the house ALONE.

    Ok, that felt good. Thanks!

  2. Mt 2 year old has her own iphone too. It’s a 2g and the screen is very, very cracked, but she loves it and asks to play games on it all the time. We mostly use it for car rides.

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