Peanut’s Tangled Birthday Party

Last Saturday was Peanut’s 3rd birthday party. Before this year, Peanut hadn’t had a “real” birthday party. The past two birthdays, we’ve done small celebrations with family. Basically just the Sunday lunch and dinner we usually do with presents and a cake added in. This year, we decided to do a real friends-invited birthday party. When I asked Peanut what theme she wanted (with some examples) she immediately cried out “Tanlged! Tangled Tangled Tangled!” Yeah, she loves that movie. A lot.

So I started scouting out ideas for a Tangled themed birthday party. I’m nothing if not an over-achiever, but I’m also not horribly creative. All of my ideas were either from other, more creative people or inspired by the other, more creative people. I’ll do my best to link to the blogs that had all the wonderful ideas in the first place.

First off, the invites. I did basically the same idea as shown here on Paging Supermom! with some alterations. First off, the invitations were pink because little miss lurves pink. No matter what I do, that child thinks pink is the best color in the world. Luckily, I got away with scant little pink for the rest of the party. Also, I just used my cardstock cutter to make the windows. They weren’t perfect, but they got the job done and I didn’t have to buy a special paper puncher (as none of my current ones worked to make a window). I used some of Peanut’s hair bands that are too small to really do much with hair for the braids and leftovers from my Harry Potter scarf for the hair. Using different colors for each invitation meant that Peanut got to choose who got which invitation, which she quiet enjoyed. We stuck to the tradition of age-child-is-turning-plus-one for the amount of guests invited. Since one guest couldn’t make it and two brought siblings, we ended up with 5 kids there total. It was a good number.

The same yarn was used for a braid that went on the front door. This idea was also taken from Paging Supermom!, which an alteration. One of the moms who’s daughter is also a big Tangled fan told me I should have done a piece of short brown yarn at the top of the invitations because Rapunzel has a short lock of brown hair where Mother Gothel had cut it, trying to steal it’s power. I decided to add the brown to the door braid, which was from a small ball of brown yarn within the collection of yarn my aunt gave me when she was cleaning out her stash. Too small to do a project with, but perfect for something like this!

When guests first walked in the door, they were given a flower for their hair like Rapunzel had in hers when dancing in the city. I wanted to give them something they could take home because we weren’t doing gift bags (which is the norm for a no presents birthday party). This is one of the few ideas that I had myself and I used this tutorial to make the flowers. They were super easy to make and I already had some felt upstairs, so all I had to buy were the clips. If you do it with clips that bend though, make sure that you only attach the flower to the very end. My head wasn’t on straight, so I glued the tester one fully to the flower (thinking kids tend to be rough, so better safe than sorry). Obviously, I couldn’t get the clip to open. I was ready to go buy clips like in the tutorial, but realized that I could just glue it to the ends. Worked out perfect.

I generally don’t like separating boys from girls based solely on their gender, but I felt sad for one of the guest’s brother who would be the only boy attending, more so after his mother told me that they were at a “girly” party the week before and he wasn’t very happy about it. Since boys generally aren’t too keen on wearing flowers in their hair, I made him a satchel like Flynn Rider uses in the movie to carry the crown. I didn’t use a tutorial for this, but rather just hot glued the pieces of brown felt together similar to the fishbowl I made for Peanut last Halloween. Then I used the same brown yarn I used for Rapunzel’s brown hair on the door for the strap by braiding it together and hot gluing it on.

Picture taken after most of the flowers were taken because I forgot earlier.

Wanted signs were posted all around as if we were in the kingdom itself.

Christmas lights made the banister a little more festive with an extra hope that it would discourage children from playing on it (which none did, but I can’t prove causation).

I wanted to do lanterns, but couldn’t find any exactly like the movie online for free and don’t have the skill to create such a thing, so I decided to make purple and yellow lanters (the colors of the kingdom). I used this tutorial. It was super quick with my cardstock cutter (one of the best things I’ve ever bought!) and I used some random white yarn that also came from my aunt’s de-stash and a hole puncher to hang them.

The food turned out terrific. The banner is a printable from Paging Supermom! and I made the letters by cutting some paper and painting it, along with using a stensil I made from one of the flags. I made a donut tower like Dreaming of Stitches did (I should have used cake donuts because the yeast donuts flattened as they sat) and the cupcakes (the flowers are fake, just popped off of the bouquet the came in) and orange boats are from Paging Supermom! again (they’re so cleaver!). We did apple slices because Maximus loves apples in the movie, homemade hummus with Triskets, apple juice, and taco soup. The little labels say what the food is (e.g. Rapunzel’s tower, Maximus’s apples, hummus and Triskets).

My lovely husband built the cake stand and I painted it the same as I did the letters for her name.

I made little coloring books for each child with their name on the front. Printable Tangled coloring pages found here. That was the activity everyone did while guests were still arriving.

After everyone got there, we did pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider (printable frying pans from Paging Supermom! and the Wanted poster was just a bigger version of the ones hanging around the house). It turned out to be a bit old for the children, but it was still fun. We had each child spin as many times as they were years old to even the odds. After Peanut got upset that she didn’t win, we decided every kid won a different place. One kid one closest to the nose, one to the forehead, etc.

We used printable crowns (also from Paging Supermom!) and glitter glue to make crowns for them. It would have worked better with glue sticks and glitter, but the kids still had fun. We just weren’t able to wear the crowns during the actual party because they were still drying.

The kids ended up spending most of the time playing outside on the swingset, slide, and with our dog and rabbit. I hadn’t even thought of that, but it was great. They all seemed to have a wonderful time, regardless of the activities not working out very well.

We ended the party by Peanut blowing out the candles on her cupcake. She had a great time and so did all the other kids. I’m very happy we did this party, even though it was a bit stressful getting ready for it. I’m happy we had the chance to celebrate my wonderful first-born turning 3 with some great friends.


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