30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

All the non-leafy greens before blending.

Around here, we love green smoothies. I drank them pretty religiously when I was in my first trimester because of the folic acid in leafy greens. I also used them as a way to get raw placenta into my system after the birth (don’t worry, you can’t taste or feel the placenta in them!). I feel great after drinking one and want to do it on a more regular basis. There are weeks where we can’t get enough spinach at the store and there are, to my dismay, weeks where we end up feeding the spinach to the bunny before it goes bad! Gasp!

My husband doesn’t drink green smoothies very often. It’s not that he doesn’t like them, but rather that he’s generally not home when I make them. He has been dealing with stomach issues, as well as tendonitis. He also has horrible eczema (he’s a redhead) and I’ve been looking for natural ways to help him. From my research online, I’ve found that eczema is often a sign of something wrong in the gut. That paired with the stomach issues he has sounds like there is indeed something wrong! And I’m sure that green smoothies can’t hurt the tendonitis. If anything, he may be deficient in vitamins that help tendons to function correctly. I found a few different options of what vitamin he could be deficient in (most notably magnesium and vitamin c) and all of the options are in high abundance in green smoothies.

Adding the leafy greens and ice.

As an early Mother’s Day gift, I got a dry container for my Vitamix (I’ve already made wheat bread–from actual wheat kernals–and it was super easy and delicious). While looking at videos on Youtube about my Vitamix blender for ideas, I found The Vitamix Lady. She was doing a demo, presumably at Costco, and she mentioned that people who took a 30 day Vitamix challenge reported both weight loss and more energy as their top two side effects. Sounded like exactly what I need to get myself back on track and in the habit of drinking these lovely, healthy smoothies.

So I started to look at challenges online. All the ones I found either A. Weren’t long enough, or B. Involved other things besides green smoothies. As a biology teaching major, I know that an experiment is only valid if you test one variable at a time. So I can’t say that green smoothies made me feel better if I also cut out soda and start exercising more. I also like the idea of a 30 day challenge because you need at least 21 days to get into a habit. Sadly, with the no spending challenge, I did go back to buying things pretty regularly. So possibly those extra 9 days will better solidify the concept in our minds.

Final product.

Last Friday, we started our challenge. I’m going to try to share not only our benefits or problems we’re facing with it, but also the actual smoothies that we make! I’m trying out new things every day, so I’m sure there will be delicious ones and not-so-delicious ones. I’m also trying to add as much of the fruit as possible so we can get all the nutrients. If you’re doing smoothies with a non-commercial strength blender, know that you’ll need to prepare the fruit by removing things that can’t be chopped and cutting the fruit into smaller bits.

Methods: I put in everything except the green leafy vegetables and blend enough that there aren’t actual pieces of fruit in the container, then I add the leafy veggies and ice and blend until smooth. This allows more of the green leafy veggies, along with getting the smoothies big enough that they can give 2 adults at least 20 ounces and a toddler approximately 10 ounces. 

Day 1 (pictured)

1 orange with pith (which is incredibly healthy for you), zest removed, cut in half

1 apple with seeds and stem, cut in half

1 small banana, peeled, broken in half

1/4 avocado, skin removed

1 kiwi, ends removed (but not skin), cut in half

4 chunks of pineapple, outside removed, inner core intact (approximately 1/4 a pineapple)

spinach to fill the container


We all enjoyed this one a lot. Peanut drank all of hers right up.

Day 2

1 orange with pith, zest removed, cut in half

1 apple with seeds and stem, cut in half

2 small bananas, peeled, broken in half

1 lime with pith, zest removed

4 chunks of pineapple, outside removed, core intact

5 leaves of kale (introducing the different green leafy veggies slowly for my husband)

spinach to fill the container


Husband thought this one was too lime-y. I loved it.

Day 3

2 oranges with pith, zest removed, cut in half

1/2 lemon with pith, zest removed

1 kiwi with ends cut off

1 small banana, peeled

4 chunks of pineapple, outside removed, core intact

5 leaves of red chard

spinach to fill the container


The red chard makes the worst colored smoothies in my opinion, but I couldn’t taste it at all. My husband put his in the fridge until after lunch and it made it taste like old bananas a bit, but he didn’t mind it. Peanut drank hers pretty fast.

We’re all feeling good so far. Peanut and my husband have had a bit of a sore tummy, but I’m not sure if it’s related to the smoothies or not. It could make sense for it to make them feel a bit tender because of introducing so much goodness into their diet at once. They don’t feel awful or anything though.

Anyone want to join us on our challenge? Have any of you done a similar challenge? Hopefully we have awesome results to share!


3 thoughts on “30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

  1. This is such a great idea Claire! I wish I could afford a Vitamix, but I think I’d rather go for the new camera. 🙂 I’ve never tried green smoothies, but I love all fruit smoothies, and I think they do help with my digestion and energy. I’m excited to see the results of this challenge.

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