Our Family Bath

There’s a lot of talk of the family bed, but not much of the family bath. Honestly, I didn’t even realize that it was at all uncommon to bathe with my children until I read this post on Natural Parents Network.

I didn’t take Peanut in the bath until she was a few months old. We used one of those baby baths that sits in the sink and since our sink wasn’t big enough in the basement, we had to go up to my in-law’s kitchen to do it. We were very much welcome to do this and I know my mother-in-law enjoyed helping with her bath, but half the time Peanut hated it. I always felt rushed to get her clean and out and I’d get covered in water myself. When I got brave and took her in the tub with me, I was still in that worrying-new-mom stage. I spent the whole time pouring water over her so that she wouldn’t get cold. It still wasn’t the most pleasant experience.

Then one day when I wanted to shower, I had the epiphany that I could bring her in with me. From then it grew into her joining in for pretty much ever shower we took. Sometimes she’d get a shower in the morning with my husband and then another one in the afternoon with me. She loves playing in the bath or shower. It’s been a great way to bond and play.

So when Twig was on the way, I decided that I would just bathe with her from the get-go. I sold the baby bath long before that and it just made sense to me. My husband was worried about me having both of them in the bath, as we were sure Miss Peanut would want to join if mommy and the baby were getting in, but I figured we’d all figure it out easily enough.

And we did. We have our little routine and we have a great time of it. It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of the day. So we donned our swimsuits in order to show you our daily bath time routine.

This is our pathetically small tub. If it weren’t so small, I’m sure that daddy would join us at least some nights. As it is, I rest Twig’s head on my stomach so that she can half float and kick in the water. I hold her on both sides just below her armpits so she’s fully supported. She loves it. Even if she’s in a horrible mood, she’ll get happy the moment we get in the tub.

Twig kicking in the tub was her first time she showed us she wanted to play with Peanut. She thinks it’s hilarious to kick her sister, especially when Peanut {gently} kicks back or plays with her feet when she does it. She actually aims at Peanut too. She’ll stretch her feet out to try to get her or kick close when she’s close enough to reach.

Twig loving the bath.

Getting down to the nitty gritty. I clean Twig’s leg folds while she’s in her kicking position. Just run my fingers through the folds. We don’t use soap unless I’ve done oil in her hair for the cradle cap, which has been less than a handful of times.

I turn Twig the other way to get her hair and neck folds. I support her with one hand on the back of her neck and head and I use the other to clean her. She’s not super happy with the process, but it’s quick so she doesn’t complain too much.

Then I take Twig and set her on my leg while I do Peanut’s hair. She lays back and is supported by my legs and I use my free hand to get her hair wet. We wash her with soap about once a week (or whenever she starts getting stinky) because water will wash off most of the dirt and other things just fine. No need to be squeaky clean every second of every day. Our bodies have natural oils that protect our skin on them and it’s not healthy to constantly wash them off.

After both of the girls are clean, we just hang out for a while longer in the tub. Twig floats and kicks. Dea asked me to sing the songs from Tangled (and sings them with me now since she’s heard the words enough times). It’s a great way to bond and make everyone happy and calm during an often stressful and grumpy part of the day.

Do you bathe as a family? Do you think it’s unusual to bathe as a family? Any tips or tricks you’d like to share about getting your little ones clean and happy? 


11 thoughts on “Our Family Bath

  1. I bathe with my 4 month old (or we take her in the shower with us), and she LOVES it. Like you, I never realized it wasn’t the norm until I mentioned it to someone and they looked at me oddly.

  2. When I was little, I always bathed with my mom. If she was in the bath, I’d jump right in. I stopped after the birth of my sisters (age 5). I always loved this time with my mom. Your girls are adorable btw! 🙂

  3. Halston and I have always showered together, and the other day we came to the realization that once we have babies, it would just be the next natural step to bring them in, too. Haha. Saves time, saves water, and it’s pretty difficult to be in a bad mood during.

  4. I was given the marriage advice of “Shower together” and took it seriously. I think it’s some of the best advice we got! Once our daughter came along, we included her too! She loves taking showers with us!

    Our bathtub is also pathetically small, so no family baths for us. But I do dream of remodeling with a giant tub and having family baths!

    I never tell anyone this because I never knew if it was odd or not. Thanks so much for this post!

  5. Great post! I didn’t know it was uncommon. We’ve showered/bathed with our kids through the years as well. I don’t shower with Ayden now that he’s older. He showers with Brent but the younger two shower/bath with whoever is in there. The other day, I bought some glowsticks from the dollar store and let the older kids have a glow in the dark bath. We cracked them all and put them in the tub with the lights off. I was in there with them, of course, but they had a blast! I know your baby wouldn’t get that excited but Dea would enjoy it.

  6. We used a baby bath maybe 3 times with my 1st, and never with my 2nd. Right from the beginning I got in the bath with them, and now that they are a bit bigger (1 and 3) they jump in the shower with me. If I’m honest, I’d sometimes like to shower alone but they love it so thats what we do.

    • Yeah I sometimes like to shower alone too. That’s when daddy plays with Peanut or she watches a show. 😛

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  8. I love bathing with my babies! I’ve been doing it for years. We did, however, live in a travel trailer for about 9 months. We used the shower for storage space and used the shower facilities at our RV park. We always used the disabled shower because it was so big and we all showered together.

    I’m practically a nudist and I just think it is a healthy thing to do. My 4yo still showers with my 15yo sometimes.

    I’m also with you on the soap. I actually don’t use soap at all, just coconut oil on my DS. My 4yo gets shampoo on occasion or her dad or sister help her wash. I just don’t feel its necessary at all. Even I only use soap on my scalp and “hot spots.”

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