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My plan all along since taking Peanut out of her preschool on my campus has been to continue with her preschool education at home. I’ve felt like we’ve been sorely lacking in not only learning at home, but also attention for Peanut. My husband and I were discussing the other day how our relationship has gotten more stresses, but not really suffered since the birth of either of our daughters. Sadly, after the birth of Twig, our relationships with Peanut have definitely suffered.

So in an effort to be a better mother to Peanut and to help her learn, we decided to do a homeschool preschool. I’m not following any curriculum and a lot of it is going to be learning through life, but I wanted a way to put goals for our days. If I don’t set a goal to do something, it won’t happen. Likewise, with the hectic life of having two children, if I don’t write something down, it doesn’t happen. So, here enters our daily preschool goals chart.

This isn’t a set schedule. There isn’t a curriculum. It’s just what we want to do for the day with an emphasis on learning. We’re still in the very beginning stages on this idea, so it may change at any time. We did it the day before too (and accomplished studying bugs, playing with the sensory box, and practiced writing letters). It’s goals, so if we don’t accomplish them, it’s just fine. I also plan on not doing a chart on the weekends, since we’re not home for much of it (with music class on Saturday and family’s houses on Sunday) and traditionally school takes a break on weekends too. Obviously, we’ll still learn as we go through life on weekends, but just not as structured.

So here’s what we did Friday as part of Peanut’s preschool goals.

We started the morning with sorting socks. It’s an activity we’ve done many times before, but we switched it up by not only sorting socks, but using the socks to demonstrate same and different. When she found a match, I’d ask her what as the same about them. When she was waiting for me to find more socks in the pile, I’d ask her what was different about two socks she already had. I decided on this activity purely for the fact that I had two baskets of laundry to fold from the day before. Life is learning for preschoolers. There’s always way to find learning within your day to day activities.

After Twig woke up from her sleep-in-all-morning-ness (I know, why wasn’t she my first child!??!), we went for our walk. I gave Peanut a bag that she got at a birthday party last week and told her she could bring home anything she wanted in it. I also let her decide what direction we were going when we had the option to go one way or the other.

Twig rode on my back and was happy for the first little while, but started getting grumpy, so I suggested to Peanut that we head in the direction of home when we had another option to turn. I haven’t mastered getting Twig off of my back without sitting on the couch, so we had to hurry up our street when she started crying because she wanted to nurse.

Peanut makes the most silly faces for photos sometimes.

After we got home, we took all of the stuff you picked out and you made a picture. You also wrote your name on the picture all by yourself! I didn’t even have to tell you what shapes the letters were! You’re still learning how to hold a pen so that it’s easier for you to write letters so it’s not super easy to read what you write, but it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe I’ll look into some sort of special pen for you to learn with if such a thing exists.

After your nap, we planted the lettuce. It didn’t work so well because Twig was crying for part of it and you got bored easily, but you did help me set the plants out and then dig the holes for the plants. Hopefully things will go better with planting veggies if we do it in the morning in the future.

So that’s our preschool for now. I’m constantly trying to come up with new ideas for the preschool and I’m trying to incorporate our regular life, and therefore life lessons from our lives, into our lesson plan. For today (Monday the 23rd), our plans are: play with bubbles (you requested it), practice writing, feed Heidi’s horse an apple (since we have to go get eggs), go grocery shopping (I plan on giving you the list and you can help me “find” what’s on it and then cross it off), and get books from the library (which will obviously involve a lot of reading).

Does anyone else specifically set out to do a preschool at home? Do you do lesson plans or goals? Any helpful information on a homeschool preschool? 


4 thoughts on “Homeschool Preschool

  1. I really really like (Brightly Beaming Resources) and Confessions of a Homeschooler (I think and 1+1+1=1’s blog. I’ve used those along with our own resources (I have lots of links on my sidebar on my My favorite thing I came up with was the letter box. I would gather a whole bunch of things that started with our letter of the week/day and put them in the box along with the corresponding Alphatales book (link on my blog) and we’d discover the letter and sound the letter makes together then read a bunch of books corresponding to a theme with that letter (thank in part to what we picked and chose from the Confessions blog and the Letter of the Week site-all free). Monkey was a super early reader I think in part to doing letter games and activities that we started about 18 months-I’ll be starting this summer doing Tot School with Kangaroo

  2. Lexi wants to do a Preschool for Sophie (she’s currently doing Preschool under a nice lady from church). I know she already has some ideas and what she wants to do. You should ask her.

  3. I saw a term on a the post you made about taking her out of preschool called “unschooling”. I followed the link on it and went from there reading up on it. I’m still researching and reading about the concept which I find very interesting and kinda what I can see myself possibly attempting with my son. I was wondering what your thoughts are on it currently, especially since it seem slike you are trying it out? Do you plan on sticking with it past the early years too?? Just curious, thanks!

    • I’m liking it so far. Really, you could say it’s how I’ve always done things. I remember when Peanut was around a year old and obsessed with puppies, I went to the library and got her a bunch of books with dogs in them. Now, I mostly answer her questions. Right now she’s really interested in things that fly, so we took a trip to the aviary and we might take a vacation to the closest butterfly house. I plan on continuing this way for now at least, but my husband and I aren’t 100% in agreement with homeschool versus school outside of the home, so I’m not sure what we’re going to do yet.

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