Newsletter – March and April 2012.

Hello Girls!

Sorry I missed your newsletter last month. I didn’t realize until the month was half over that I missed it. Life is just a little bit hectic around here! We are getting into the swing of things though. We have our little rhythm in the day and it’s working out fine so far.

Peanut, you are my best friend. You tell me that every day and I am sincere when I reply that you’re mine too. That doesn’t mean that I don’t often want to rip your head off, but of course I love you too much to do that. I am happy to share my days with you even when you get on my nerves. That’s what a best friend is, right?

We’re still doing your preschool and you love it. You love to tell me what we should do the next day. You’re pretty creative too! Out of nowhere the other day you said that you wanted to ride your bike for preschool, which you literally haven’t touched since Easter day when you got it (and couldn’t figure out how to peddle it). I wonder if you were just too frustrated to go back to it until now, but that’s your way of telling me you’re ready? Throughout the day you’ll run over to your preschool board and tell me what thing you want to do off of it (you can’t read it, but you do remember what’s on it from me telling you in the morning).

Your favorite shows right now are Word World and Signing Time. You like to spell all the animal names from Word World on the fridge and even spell instrument names and pretend to play them. Since you were interested in learning signs again (out of nowhere in the car you showed me the letter R and told me what it was), we started getting you Signing Time from the library again and you love them. You love to sign along and then as we go about our day, tell me about the signs you learned.

You love your music class and go around the house singing the songs from it. You’ll even make up tonal and rhythm patterns for us to sing back to you. Sometimes you get overwhelmed in the class, but we just cuddle for a minute and then you’re better. You also love riding the train to the city and I think we’re going to start doing that for your music class every week.

I’m constantly amazed at the things you retain. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad! We’ve had a lot of talks about things that we don’t repeat, but you insist on continuing to repeat them. I guess small children have been known to say worse things than “dammit dog!” I still don’t like it coming out of your little mouth though! I thought I was being so careful about my language. Oops!

Sometimes the things you retain are for the better though. Like you’ll tell me Every. Single. Thing. we did the day before when you wake up in the morning. Or if I tell you we can do something after your quiet time (which has replaced your nap), you never forget it. You don’t even forget when I say that we can do something when you wake up in the morning. You’ll wake up and immediately start talking about it. Last week Mema said that she’d take you to the Treehouse Museum her next days off and you bothered me about it for days until we finally set a date. You finally remembering things makes you seem like such a little person.

Lastly, you love helping me. You’ve started, albeit inconsistently, doing chores. I give you a nickel for your piggy bank every time you do one and you told me you want to buy a soccer ball with it. Even when you don’t get paid though, you like to help me cook and clean. You even help me with sister. When I’m in the middle of something and she gets upset, you’ll go make “happy faces” at her and it often calms her down long enough for me to finish chopping an onion or unloading the dishwasher. You love your sister so much. Which brings us to…

Twig, you’re growing so fast! I’m not sure how big you are now because we haven’t been back to the doctor yet, but I’m sure you’re gaining just fine. You have so many rolls! It’s delicious.

You’re growing quickly developmentally too. You hold your head up like it’s nobody’s business and you started rolling over from back to front when you were only 2.5 months old. That’s even ahead of sister! If you walk as early as she did, I’m going to be upset with you. Babies are so much easier when they stay still! Mobility is over-rated, I swear. Don’t give into peer pressure!

You’re a whole bag of smiles. Every time a stranger sees you they comment on how you’re such a happy baby. You will smile at anyone that smiles at you and it’s a huge toothless grin. Literally you open your mouth as far as you possibly can as if you’re absolutely ecstatic. Even when you’re mad, you’ll often stop to smile at me if I smile at you.

Your favorite thing in the world is to stand on someone’s lap and your least favorite is to not get milk the instant you want it. You light up every day when daddy gets home and miss sister when she’s gone. Besides daddy, you’re not very happy with people who aren’t mama holding you for long periods of time, but that’s pretty normal for a little baby. So long as mama is close though, you’ll tolerate it. And, as I said before, you’ll happily smile at everyone while you’re in mama’s arms.

Love you both,



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