Empty the Pantry Challenge

Another day, another challenge.

I’ve figured out that I work well with challenges. I’m a very goal-oriented person, so it’s a big help for me to put something out into the world as I’m going to do it and then feel the accountability that comes along with that. If I just think “I’m not going to eat a cookie,” then I talk myself out of it 15 minutes later. If I tell you AoLG (Get it? I made the blog name an acronym! How did I not think of doing that before??!) readers that I’m doing something, I feel like you’re all going to personally hunt me down if I eat that cookie! With pitchforks! Why am I happy about being hunted with pitchforks?!?

Anyway, I will be updating soon on the end of the green smoothie challenge (end of the challenge, but definitely not the end of our regular green smoothie ingestion). Until then, I’ve decided to do another challenge: empty my pantry!

The basic idea is that I spend way too much on groceries. Last month, assuming I didn’t lose any receipts (since I’m not keeping a running log of money anymore with my envelope system), we spent $380 on groceries. That’s for a family of four, one of which doesn’t eat solids and the other hardly touches her food half of the time. How are we spending so much?!?

And I have a ridiculous amount of food in my house. Like I’m planning for the appocolypse or something. The only problem with this so-called disaster planning is that about 90% of my excess food is frozen and must stay that way. I’m guessing if the world ends, one of the first things to go will be power. Makes those 20 frozen chickens not so useful when the zombies take over.

So I’m having a pantry challenge! Here are some links with people who explain it much better than I do.

My Goals

  1. Clear out the things I don’t use. Either by using them or giving up on them entirely. When I want a cup of tea and I have to decide from 10 different kinds, 7 of which aren’t opened, there’s a problem.
  2. Get rid of the extra fridge. Yes, I have an extra fridge. With a freezer on top. That’s in addition to my regular fridge and my 25 cubic foot freezer. Yeah, I don’t need that extra fridge.
  3. Use meats that we don’t normally use. We bought a half a cow about a year ago and have used almost all the hamburger, but still have tons of steaks and roasts. I need to get into the habit of using them or it’s all going to end up going to waste from freezer burn.

I will continue to shop. I will continue to make my delicious green smoothies with fresh fruits and veggies. The difference will be being proactive about using what we have and avoiding buying things we don’t need. I’m going to try this for a month. From the 20th of May to the 19th of June (our fiscal month). Coming next: the inventory and plan.


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