Preparing for Birth Series

A Little Bit of All of It Preparing for Birth Series

Hello and happy Memorial Day! I hope all of you are busy having fun with family and celebrating those who have served our country, along with others who have passed. I often think of my aunt and grandma and how much they’d love to know the girls. I’ll be sharing pictures I have of them with Peanut today to help her to remember those we’ve lost.

When you’re not busy with your family on this lovely holiday, please take a look at this wonderful series on birth created by Julia at A Little Bit of All of It. Every week, she’s sharing links to blogs on certain topics related to birth. It’s such a wonderful resource if you’re expecting!

I’ve submitted quite a few links that you’ll recognize if you were keeping up with my Granola Head’s Guide to a Natural Pregnancy. I’m hoping to write some more for future weeks too. I hope you all enjoy the series and find it as wonderfully informative as I have. If you have any posts you think will work for the upcoming weeks, please submit them! I’d love to read all of your stories.


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