Food, Food, Food Everywhere

As part of the Empty the Pantry Challenge, I’ve taken pictures of all of the food in our house. I’m amazed at how much we have! I’ve also already cooked one of the many chickens in our freezer, made plans to cook a huge turkey with a friend, and found ways to use the ingredients we already have rather than buy more (like in jambalaya). Yes, I did end up buying quite a bit at the grocery store still, but the majority of it was fresh produce. Even that I’m going to limit though, because I’ve already accomplished one of my goals for this challenge: I’ve gotten rid of my extra fridge.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder why we’ve had two fridges for the past 1.5 years. We don’t need that much space! Plus it saves us $5 per month according to this calculator. Yeah, it’s more difficult having only one fridge. The downstairs fridge was what I used for my extra produce (like when I buy a huge bag of onions at Costco, which we will definitely use, but don’t want a dozen onions crowding my vegetable drawer). Emptying the freezer wasn’t a huge deal because there wasn’t much in it (though there were 3 bottles of breast milk from when Peanut was a baby! Yuck!), but the upstairs only fridge is now pretty crowded. I’m going to have to change my buying habits.

Here are the pictures of our food pre-challenge:

What is now the only fridge.

Sweeteners and flours. Yes, I use enough wheat that it was a good idea to buy that huge bin.

This is most of our ready-made food.

Spices that are too big for the spice cabinet, other cooking necessities, beverages.

My awesome spice cabinet that came with the house.

Rices, oils, vinegar, syrup.

Cereal cabinet.

Counter area. Currently featuring sprouts that are sprouting, homemade bread, leftover pancakes, and bananas.

Canned things, kombucha, crackers and chips.

The downstairs, now empty, fridge.

The deep freeze. So much meat!

The preserved things that sadly don’t get use much because they’re so far away from the kitchen (and we use way less jam than I made).


4 thoughts on “Food, Food, Food Everywhere

  1. shalamar’s so right, i like that you talk about everything, when i see a new post, I’m always wondering what you’ll be talking about this time! so refreshing! sorry for my english! I’m trying!

  2. Interesting! I found out that moving into our new house last month forced me to go through my pantry, realize what I actually don’t use and shouldn’t ever buy, and I’ve been trying to only stock food we are consuming. I laughed at the big box of Mt Dew too. My husband loves that stuff!

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