Newsletter – May 2012

Peanut and Twig,

The days are long, but the years are short.

Everyone talks about pregnancy brain and new mom haze, but no one tells you there’s a Holy Crap I’m a Mom of Two mind explosion somewhere down the road. Here we were, just minding our own business, then bam, mama’s brain exploded. Sorry about the grey matter on your jeans, Peanut.

I have two kids. How did this happen? How did I get here? Two. Kids.

Don’t get me wrong, you two are frickin’ awesome. You do so many awesome things a day that I’m convinced daddy is annoyed with the shear number of texts I send him about your awesome-ness-es. I actually woke him up the other day to tell him about a conversation Peanut had with her teddy bear that went something like this. “Hi. I’m a bear.” “Hi. I’m Dea.” “Oh! I thought you were a bear?!” Seriously! My kid has an imagination! Where did that come from?

Then you, Meredith, you’re excelling at an alarming rate. I’m serious about the alarming part, because if you keep up with this rate, you’re going to be getting hemorrhoids and arthritis when you’re 6. You’re sitting up all on your own. At. Four. Months. Old. Then, the other day you started wiggling around. I set you on the bed and you actually wiggled off (go ahead and blame me for all of your problems when you’re an adult) and landed on your butt on the floor. If I recall correctly, which who knows at this point because I’m fairly sure my brain has turned into pancake batter (in which case, your sister will open my head and go all zombie on it because she lurves herself some pancakes!), this is what happens before crawling. I’m also fairly sure it’s a law that you’re not allowed to crawl before you’re 14 months old. Keep that in mind, small evil one.

But back to the exploding brain.

I’m a mom of two. I am responsible for two small people all day, every day. And I have yet to kill anyone! Somehow, I’m managing it. I think that’s the fact my brain exploded over. I’m somehow actually caring for two small beings and they appear to be thriving. I appear to be thriving.

Yeah, it’s difficult sometimes. Yeah, we go through a phase of handling things with ease, immediately followed by a phase just trying to make it until daddy gets home from work. Overall though, things are great. Actually, they’re better. I can’t imagine life without the two of you. Even if I do offer you up for sale on Facebook occasionally.



2 thoughts on “Newsletter – May 2012

  1. Oh man, I really enjoyed the “Holy Crap I’m a Mom of Two mind explosion.” Does that wear off eventually? Or will I just shoot myself in the foot and have three?

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