Newsletter – June 2012

Hey Girls!

This last month has been hectic and full of illness. Literally to the point where I feel like it all runs together. Now that it’s behind us though, we’re having a great time.

Peanut, you threw up for the first time this month. Yeah, you spit up about 20 times a day when you were a baby, but that doesn’t really count. This time, you literally blew chunks. It was so gross, but I was amazed that I handled it. I’ve never been good with puke, but when I was helping you and cleaning up, I didn’t even gag. I guess that’s just part of what’s changed in me with becoming a mother.

You ended up throwing up 3-4 times and you absolutely hated it. The first time was a surprise to you, but after that, you knew what was coming when you had the feeling. You made a horrible face and would cover your little mouth, but of course that doesn’t stop it. After it was done and over with, you’d tell us how much you hated puking. You said “I don’t like this!” and “Puking isn’t fun!” I most definitely agree! It was the first time that I honestly wished I was the one sick rather than the person around me. When daddy is sick, I feel bad for him and take care of him, but I never wish it was me who was sick. When you were vomiting, I honestly wished I were vomiting instead. Daddy said he had the same feeling, so I guess that’s just another one of those things with being a parent.

On top of the vomiting, which luckily only lasted about 24 hours and it was on a weekend so daddy was home to help, you also were lucky enough to get what we think was whooping cough. I say “what we think was” because we never actually took you to the doctor, but your uncle did go to the doctor and was diagnosed (without a test) with whooping cough. You and daddy are still coughing (though not contagious) and you first started getting symptoms just about a month ago. It doesn’t help that you both seem to have gotten another small bug, which made the hacking coughs worse again. Ugh.

Other than being sick, you’re doing great. You love your new preschool and you love to tell me about the things you do there. You’re also delighted that little sister misses you when you’re gone. Oh boy does she miss you. I never realize how much easier you make taking care of her until you’re not there. She’s so entertained by you! When you’re gone, I can’t even leave the room that she’s in. When you come back though, she lights up like she hasn’t seen you in a million years. You love to give her hugs and kisses and she hugs you right back. One time, you signed “I love you” to her and she tried to grab your hand and stick it in her mouth, so now every time you hug her you talk about the time she “tried to eat the I love you” and giggle like crazy. You’re also obsessed with Mythbusters. Yeah, you’re pretty awesome.

Twig, you somehow avoided getting whooping cough at all. I find this incredibly ironic because big sister is vaccinated for it and you’re not. She was also coughing all over you the whole time, so it’s pretty miraculous too. You are coughing a teeny bit now, but I think it’s either the little bug that everyone has (even I got this one a bit) or I’m over-exaggerating normal baby coughs because I’m expecting you to get sick. Either way, breastfeeding is great! You’re a champ at it too. You’re super distractible, but that’s the first issue we’ve had. You just think the whole world is so interesting that you have to whip off out of nowhere. You’re also testing a bit to see what mama does when you bite down, but that one is more of a shock than a pain since you don’t have any teeth.

You’re still rolly-polly-ing around everywhere. I think you mostly roll to your right side. I wonder if babies start rolling to their dominant side first? Maybe I should take a survey or something. I honestly can’t remember which side big sis started rolling to first, though I do remember her doing it one way before catching on that she could go both ways. I can tell that you’re getting ready to crawl too. You’ve figured out that you can push with your toes on the ground and it’ll inch you towards whatever toy you’re trying to grab. You’re grabbing at everything now too. Especially the food on my plate, but I’m not letting you have it yet. I guess you could theoretically be ready for it if you’re able to grab it, get it to your mouth, and actually get a chunk off to swallow, but I’d prefer to wait a couple more weeks until you’re officially 6 months. I’m betting that you mostly just want to put it in your mouth because you put everything in your mouth and you see other people putting it in their mouths. Soon enough, young one.

Mostly we’re just having a ball with summer. It’s kind of hectic because mama has her online classes and Peanut has her preschool that we have to get her to 3 times a week at 9am, but we’re having a ton of fun. We’re spending a lot of time swimming in Mema’s pool and doing other fun summer stuff like going to the park, the movies, and just running around having fun. We’re using every opportunity possible to get outside after being quarantined for over 2 weeks with whooping cough. I hope everyone out in the blogging world is having a great summer too!

Love you both,



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