Newsletter – July 2012

Hello and Happy Summer, Girls! We started off the month of July with a sunrise. Apparently you were both just so interested to start this month that you needed to wake me up at 4:30 in the morning. Honestly, a month down the road, I can’t quite remember what woke us up. Regardless, we were awake early enough that we decided to cuddle up on a chair and meet the sun (though not in the dying sense, as they do in my favorite vampire television show that neither of you get to watch). It was loads of fun, given that we didn’t get enough sleep and we didn’t actually see the sunrise since there were houses in the way.

Passed out post-fireworks.

Of course, since it’s July, there were fireworks. Until this year, we hadn’t bought any ourselves since before Peanut was born. We thought we might try some out this year since you’re getting old enough to enjoy them, so I bought a small amount to try. Well, we all ended up getting scared and finding out we don’t like aerial fireworks. The small ones on the ground from when I was a kid though, those are pretty cool. You liked the flower spinning ones a lot. I think more than the fireworks themselves, you loved walking around with the bag of them for 3 days showing everyone. Of course, we went to the city fireworks too. We all cuddled on the blanket and watched them (until about half way through, Twig decided she was too tired and wanted to nurse).

This month, Miss Meredith really found her voice. To the point where I feel slightly abashed when we’re eating in a restaurant. Luckily, you’re cute enough that no one seems to care that you’re screaming at the top of your lungs. The noise is literally just “Ahhhhhhh!” as loud as you can. You especially like doing it in echo-inducing rooms. Towards the end of the month, you learned how to cry with a “ma” sound. It’s quite heartbreaking.

You girls certainly love each other. You’re always playing together and having a ball. Sometimes the ball gets a little out of hand and Twig starts crying, but most of the time you’re smiling like crazy while sister is playing with you. You started laughing a while back, but you were what I liked to call a “stingy laugher” because it took a lot to make you laugh and it was only once every few days at best. Over this last month though, you’ve really started to laugh. Sometimes multiple times a day. And you know who is making you do all that laughing? Sister. Literally about 90% of the time. Sometimes it’s her playing peek-a-boo, sometimes it’s her running at you, sometimes just her laughing will set you off. It’s awesome to see the relationship you two have.

Mama decided to pull Peanut out of her preschool. Life was getting too stressful with making it out of the house before 9am 3 days a week. I know that many other people do it even more frequently than that, but I had a choice in the matter. I’ve been looking into unschooling too, which is really interesting to me. Along those lines, you’ve been really interested in bird and butterflies lately. You’re always asking questions like “how do baby birds learn to fly?” and “where do butterflies get their wings?” We’ve been reading books from the library, watching videos online, and we decided to visit the Tracy Aviary, which you thought was just grand. You especially liked hearing about the birds and looking at the colorful ones. Next, I’m thinking of taking you both on a five-hour drive to the closest butterfly house. We’ll see if we get that adventurous.

A few days before Twig’s technical 6 month birthday, mama decided to just let her have a piece of watermelon at our picnic we were having outside of the local train museum. You were initially very disturbed by food actually coming off in your mouth, but quickly grew to love it. You now want to try everything that we do, which makes it difficult for sister not to share her cookie that mama asked her not to. We’re avoiding sweets (not sweet things like fruit, but more like things with refined sugar) as long as possible. If I can will away the family sweet tooth, it will happen! Along with trying table foods, gone are the days of breastfed baby poo. I already miss them. Within one day, you had your first “real” poopy diaper, first haircut (too many silly whispy hairs), and got your first tooth! That was just a few days ago and you already have a second.

Lastly, Twig will likely be crawling by the next newsletter. That’s my prediction and I’m sticking to it! You’re still doing the rolly-polly around the room, but you’ve started lunging forward when you’re sitting. You can’t quite figure out how to get that second leg onto the ground as opposed to on a foot, but you’re persistent. I’m sure you’re going to figure it out soon. Beyond that, it’s just a small step (pun intended) to actually moving forward on those hands and knees. You’ve actually gotten to the knees a couple of times on soft surfaces (you love grass, so we spend a lot of time on that). Soon, sister will be begging me not to let you chase her!

Well, that’s all for now girls! Write you next month!



3 thoughts on “Newsletter – July 2012

  1. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and wanted to say that I really enjoy it. Your newsletters are precious memories and great to read – you’re inspiring me to start some of my own. Great insights here too on breastfeeding and attachment parenting. Plus your kids are ADORABLE!

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