My New House Monday: In Which I Commit Flooring Blasphemy

While our house it’s really what I’d call “new” anymore, we still continue to do new things to it. This project took 3 weeks and I’m excited to say it’s finally done. 

We had blue carpet in our kitchen. 

That’s where this all started. I’m not sure who decided that blue carpet in a kitchen was a good idea (the brilliant person who also thought it would be great in the bathroom… with padding) (side note: I forgot to ever post on our bathroom renovation! It shall be done soon), but trust me, it wasn’t. Carpet in the kitchen is awful. Not only does it look awful, but, especially with kids, it is so, so, so gross. Peanut went through a phase where she decided to take the milk out of the fridge, multiple times, and pour it on the floor. That phase was promptly ended by getting a lock for the refrigerator door. Even without that though, it was gross. Children spill. Klutzy wives spill. Animals have accidents. Their water bowl is fun. All in all, we needed hard floors in our kitchen.

There was a long-time debate on wood (or in our case, laminate, as this is our starter home) versus tile in the kitchen. There was also a long-time debate as to whether or not we should keep the carpet in our living room. When I say debate, I really mean that my husband and I disagreed, but I didn’t care as much as he did, so I gave in. Turns out I got my way in the end on both counts.

So we were keeping an eye out for some “used” (meaning not directly used, but purchased from a person who bought too much or something of that matter) laminate that we’d like in our kitchen when my husband found a whammy of a deal. 480 square feet of laminate for $280! Yeah, it’s Home Crappo’s in-store brand, but this is our not-forever home. We wanted to improve, but be reasonable. Cork flooring shall be saved for our next home.

480 square feet just happened to be the right amount to do our kitchen and living room, with the tile entryway that we were already planning on. Win for me! So that became our plan, and we started to rip out carpet. Besides the surprise of our kitchen carpet being glued down by approximately one bucket of glue per square foot, we found another surprise:

Surprise! Wood floors!

What to do. What to do. In the end, we decided to commit flooring blasphemy (I’m sure you figured that out given the title of this post) and cover the wood flooring with laminate.

Before you bite my head off, let me explain. This wood flooring, while beautiful, needed a lot of work.

That with the fact that we already had the laminate in our possession and the fact that laminate is not damaging to the flooring below it, we decided to continue with an altered version of the original plan. Skip the tile entryway, as to preserve the wood flooring. Tile the kitchen instead, since it was not wood flooring and we didn’t have enough laminate to cover the whole area. Lastly, do the upstairs hallway, which was covered in the same carpet as the living room and has the same wood flooring beneath, in the laminate also.

Fast forward a month. Yes, it literally took us almost a month to do this. I was without a kitchen for almost 3 weeks. It wasn’t fun. We haven’t finished the stairs or the hallway, but we’re to a stopping point for now.

Add some rugs and new lighting (though the living room lighting still needs to be installed) and the rooms are finished! Yay! Functioning house!

Well, it didn’t take us long to messy up the new flooring. 🙂


3 thoughts on “My New House Monday: In Which I Commit Flooring Blasphemy

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