Summer Unschooling

As I mentioned before, I’m really interested in unschooling. Unschooling is how everyone naturally learns, so I guess you could say that we’ve been doing it from the get-go, but now we’re really focusing on it. While there are plenty of unschooling things we can do at home, I think a big part of unschooling is getting out  and actually doing. I want to give you experiences and summer is a great time of year to do that. I had a two-week break between summer and fall semester (online only still, but a little break in having homework to do), so we decided to take full advantage of it. Our house is a mess and we’ve spent almost no time at home, but we’ve had a load of fun.

The Living Planet Aquarium

We went to the Living Planet Aquarium for the first time in probably a year. We used to have a membership, but I decided it was too far away, so we didn’t renew it. I decided that while it is still far away, it’s worth the travel, so we renewed them. Our friend Shelby came with us (one of Peanut’s favorite people in the world). Peanut was so excited that she touched a baby shark!

Playing with her friend at the Treehouse Museum

The Treehouse Museum had a special carnival that we haven’t been to before, but it was a blast. We invited Peanut’s friend and they ran around playing with the moms chasing.

Davis County Fair

We went to the Davis County Fair (not actually our county, but the one next to us) with Daddy. We spent some time manning the booth for the Davis County Breastfeeding Coalition and walked around the fair. This was the first time Peanut had been to a petting zoo and she loved it. We talked about which animals were which and she had to pet one of each.

Twig thinks our adventures are grand, just riding on my back.

Boating with Mema and Pop Pop

Boating is tiring! We studied a baby fish that uncle was nice enough to catch for us in a cup, we talked about why the boat and inner tube float, and we had fun in the water!

Thanksgiving Pointe

Peanut loves dinosaurs, but decided that the dinosaur museum near our house is too scary. So we decided to take a drive (with Shelby) down to Thanksgiving Pointe to see their dinosaur museum, along with a cool exhibit they have on sound at the moment. It was a blast. Peanut particularly enjoyed the erosion circle, pictured above, with its sand and water. She also enjoyed the sand area where you could find fossils.

Ogden Farmers Market

We went with Daddy to the Ogden Farmers Market and then to Science Saturdays at the Ott Planetarium. At the farmers market, Peanut made a friend at the playground, which eventually turned into a little cliche of four girls. They literally just sat around and chatted. Whoever says that homeschoolers aren’t social should be shown my child. She walks into any place and finds a friend immediately. Afterwards at Science Saturday she particularly enjoyed an activity where you take a bowl of water and spin your finger in it, then take your finger out and wait until it looks calm and drop in a couple drops of food coloring. It’s not calm! It’s still spinning!

With Shelby at the Hogle Zoo

As our last hurrah before my semester started, we went to the Hogle Zoo yesterday with Daddy and Shelby. Peanut loved looking at all the animals and particularly enjoyed the seals. It took her a few times of not wanting to leave an animal to believe us that there were more coming up. She loved looking at all of them.

Throughout all of our adventures, the main purpose has been experiences. She’s seeing things she wouldn’t have otherwise. She’s playing with things at the places we go. I purposely haven’t been focusing heavily on the information at the museums and what not because I’m thinking she’ll get more interested in learning more about the animals and exhibits as she gets older. For now, she’s excited to see an elephant or fossil and just hear some basic information about it.

Also in the realm of unschooling, I’m teaching myself to do more with my camera. For so long I’ve been shooting on auto (gasp!) and even using flash (gasp!) because I’ve been too afraid of tarnishing memories with crappy photos. Going to a class at the Breastfeeding Cafe (taught by my friend Timbra) about photographing your child made me realize that I need to get out there and mess with my camera. Her lovely self helping me with some controls on my actual camera after the class was great too. So, I may not be taking the absolute best photos in the near future, but I’m working on it. Bear with me.


4 thoughts on “Summer Unschooling

  1. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun “unschooling”! Great experiences and memories : ) We’re taking our 2 yr. old son to the zoo next weekend (it’s been a year since we’ve gone) and other activities, I’m so excited! I’ve also been taking him to the park more (he loovveess slides) just to get him outside, playing, learning, & observing. I too am interested in unschooling, thanks to you mentioning it in an older post which sent me to Hobo Mama’s blog and from there more research and I recently checked a book out at the library to read up on it. It is very interesting! Keep up the great work you are doing with your daughters!! : )

  2. Seems like she is experiencing a lot more than she would at school for sure, and making memories! I totally agree with you about the camera stuff too! I need to really sit down and learn more about my camera. I have a pretty decent one too and if I knew how to use it, it would be awesome! Lol

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