Mixing Primary Colors and Chemical Reactions

Peanut knows all her colors, with the exception of sometimes thinking white is yellow and vice versa. Since she’s pretty set on her colors, I’ve been trying to show her the concept of mixing colors. How green is actually a mixture of yellow and blue. That sort of thing. When I came across this experiment, I realized it’s the perfect way to show her colors mixing. Plus who doesn’t love chemical reactions?!?

It’s a pretty simple experiment and Peanut didn’t want to put it away, even when all the baking soda was used up. It can get little hands messy though, so watch out!

Just take a tray of baking soda (cookie sheet worked well for us) and 3 bowls of vinegar, one for each primary color. Color one yellow, one blue, and one red. Give the kiddo some sort of utensil to get the vinegar out with (we started with a medicine syringe, but quickly moved to measuring spoons) and let them go at it!

While Peanut played, we talked about the colors. We made guesses as to which color mixing two together would make. We talked about how just a little bit of the red on the baking soda made pink. We talked about how the three colors of food coloring are called primary colors.

While big sister played, Twig showed us her own chemical reaction. Baby saliva dissolves all solid matter.

After mixing colors for a while, the activity became a sensory one, which Peanut quite enjoyed. I wouldn’t suggest this for kiddos who are likely to try to eat it though.

Peanut had a ton of fun. It was really hard to get it away from her. Next time, I think we may do it outside so that she can just keep playing until her heart’s content, rather than mama deciding it was getting too liquidy and risking pouring food coloring on the new kitchen tile.






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