Baby Socks!

I finally did it! Socks! After absolutely failing on socks for my mother-in-law, I was terrified to try them again. I think my last failure was because of crappy yarn (it kept unraveling) along with me being new at using small needles. I still hate small needles, but this pattern used size 2, which aren’t as awful. I still prefer 4 or higher though. Pattern: Pieces of Eight Baby Socks Yarn: Cascade Fixation I called this project “A Reason to Buy the Yarn” because I really, really wanted this yarn when I was visiting a shop in SLC. I mean, just look at those socks! They’re cute, yes? So, I bought this yarn and immediately started searching Ravelry for a pattern that would work with it. The yarn is something like 1.2% elastic, so the socks are super stretchy. The pattern has the ribbing go all the way down to the heel, which is supposed to help keep the socks on the baby. While they don’t come all the way off, they do move down her foot pretty quickly, so I’m not sure how well that really works. Super cute though and I still have plenty of yarn, so I think I’ll make Peanut some matching socks. Now here’s a cute video of what Twig thinks of the socks on her feet on the new floors: a slightly blurry photo of the socks on Twig’s feet. Thanks for ruining my video so I can’t post it on the internet, iPhoto.


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