Peanut’s First Marathon

Alright, it’s probably a stretch to call a 1k a marathon.

Pre-race relaxing in her new shirt.

Getting ready to run. I’m fairly sure that daddy is about to sneeze in this picture.

I don’t have any pictures of her actually running because it was insisted that I run too, with Twig on my back. It was pretty hilarious though. First she was excited and running, then (I’m guessing when it started to burn) she started saying “I don’t like this! I don’t like running! I don’t want to run!” so we walked for a bit. With a bit of encouragement, she started to run again and decided that she did indeed like running. She was very excited about getting a medal at the end and tells the story saying that she “let go of mommy’s and daddy’s hands and just ran all by herself” every time she tells it.

Post-race with her medal and newly made hat.

I’ll get my children to be physically fit if it kills me! Literally, my legs were dying the next day. Yeah, that’s why I’m working on running myself. 1k shouldn’t do that to me. 😛 I’ll work on being a good example.

Side note: sorry about the awful photos. I dropped my camera a couple of weeks ago and now it’s not sensing the lens. Ho hum. 


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