Food Waste Fridays

Did you know that americans waste 25% of the food they buy? I can’t be the only person who is totally disgusted by this. How can people be starving all over the world and we’re just throwing out 25% of our food? How am I, essentially, throwing out $100 a month? Everyone complains about how much food costs these days. Why don’t we look to ourselves first?

So I’m joining on the bandwagon of Food Waste Fridays. I want to spend less, eat more healthy food, and get my cupboards as close to empty as possible. Most importantly, though, I don’t want to ever see this going in the trash again:

That is 6 separate containers of food that went in the trash, not to even mention anything I threw out before that during the week. I always go through my fridge and throw out the things that have gone bad the day before trash day, but of course I’ll come across some moldy strawberries that get ditched or Peanut doesn’t finish all her dinner so it goes in the trash, and other such things throughout the week. I know for a fact that over the last week I threw out a whole cantaloup because when I cut it open, it was beyond eating.

I want to stop this cycle. I want to stop wasting our food. I want to stop wasting our money. So, I plan on blogging our food waste every Friday, along with The Frugal Girl and her new partner in crime Jo of Simply Being Mum, until I get curb myself of this habit. Yeah, it’s not strictly related to natural parenting, but I’m guessing that most of you attachment parents out there have things on your mind other than your children, as do I, and maybe one of those things is being good to our environment. It’s certainly not good for our environment to waste all of our resources growing food that will just go to the dump to rot. Let’s get rid of that food waste!

Do you keep track of your food waste? What do you do to decrease the amount of food you waste? Any tips? 



3 thoughts on “Food Waste Fridays

  1. I chuck more than I want out even though I freeze lots….make breadcrumbs, leftovers etc all go in the freezer.
    I try and meal plan although it’s easier when I’m not at work as then I know exactly what meals well be eating. When I’m at work I buy things for lunches for me which sometimes doesn’t all get eaten, food for OH which he never eats (annoyingly if I didn’t buy get probably want) and salad is rubbish because it doesn’t last and apart from tomatoes you can’t then cook it up.

    We do have dogs, a couple of pigs chickens onthe farm though so generally veg, apples and some meat can be fed to them and not wasted. And our area’s very hot on recycling so we have food waste bins which go to composting/ biofuel so I don’t feel as guilty as I might.
    To be honest though, if it was just me and my son, wed have a lot less waste as I would only buy what we need not what my OH might want.

  2. Welcome to Food Waste Friday. I think joining us every week will make a difference in how you handle your food. It’s made a difference for me when I am held publicly accountable for my waste. The biggest change I have made since joining FWF is that I try not to buy any food that I don’t have a use for. We have some staples, but I don’t buy as much stuff as I used to just because we might eat it sometime.

    Good Luck.

    • It’s true that it’s difficult not to buy things that we “could use” in the future! Sure, there are some things that we’ll for sure use (chocolate chips come to mind… mmm), but why do I buy instant rice and boxed potatoes, even though I don’t like them, “just in case”?

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