Simplifying for Fall: Clothes

I’m late to the party on this one and it took me longer than 6 days to do all the tasks (though I plan on posting them in six days), but I decided that simplifying for fall sounds like a great idea. Here’s the challenge, for those of you who haven’t heard of it yet. The idea is that fall is a great time to get the home back in order. Summer has been lovely, but I’m definitely ready for fall. We’ve spent this summer running around doing as many fun things as we can, the girls have been going to bed at 10pm, and we’ve just generally spent a lot of time outside of our house. The disorder of summer is a blessing and a curse. I’m ready for the weather to cool and our routines to get back in order. I’m also ready to get our house back in order.

The first day of the challenge is clothes and laundry rooms. Luckily, my laundry room is pretty dang simple. It’s all the way in the basement and the walls aren’t finished, so it’s not like there’s a lot of room to accumulate stuff. Plus, it’s where the kitty litter boxes are, so not my favorite place to hang out. The clothes part took me two separate sessions to figure out though. I could have continued, but the girls were begging for my attention by the time I finished their clothes.

The biggest helper to me was this list that Mandi made for her girls’ clothes. I actually used it for the girls and for myself! Really, why do we need more than 10 days worth of clothes? Is there anyone who actually does laundry less than once a week? If that’s you, can we trade lives? Just for a minute. Please? Like Mandi, I’ve tried to rotate the girls’ clothes in the past twice a year, but if you only rotate twice it’s really hard to decide when to do it. It’s September, which could mean about 5 different weather patterns in Utah. With her list, It’s easy to account for the drastic changes in weather from day to day during fall and spring.

So, following a tailored version of her list, here are our fall wardrobes:

Peanut’s Fall Wardrobe

Here’s a detailed list (starting at the top left and going down): 2 pairs of pajamas, raincoat/sweater/cardigan, 5 dresses (one more that’s not shown), undies, few pairs of socks, 3 pairs of leggings, 3 long sleeved shirts with 2 pairs of pants, 4 short sleeved shirts with 2 pairs of shorts and 1 pair of capris (one skirt that’s not shown).

This includes her two emergency outfits, one that goes in her backpack and one that goes in the car. I’ve already replaced her jeans (they were too short) with some awesomely cute ones we got for $5 at Kid to Kid (with adjustable waist!). That place is great. She got extra dresses because, if she had her way, that’s all she’d wear. Really, it just mostly ended up being pulling out the cool weather stuff we had and taking out the warm weather stuff. At first I was convinced that we wouldn’t have enough, but we definitely did! I think it’ll still be plenty when I take out the shorts and short sleeved shirts as it gets colder.

Twig’s Fall Wardrobe

Twig’s detailed list (top left down): 3 sweaters (could probably stand to take out one or two of those still, but they’re so cute!), 2 short sleeved shirts with pants that match (one shirt is missing), warm weather dress and cool weather dress, 2 pairs of pajamas, 3 long sleeve shirt outfits with pants, 5 onesies/shirts with short sleeves.

Are you wondering why she doesn’t have any shorts? That’s because she doesn’t wear them! Why would I cover up the super cute wool covers I’ve made? Honestly, I may even knit longies for winter and get rid of the pants. They’re so cute!

My Fall Wardrobe

My fall clothes (top down left to right): coat and sweater (probably don’t need the coat out yet, but I never really put it away so I figured I’d include it), 2 dresses, 3 cardigans (my go-to), one pair of capris and one pair of jeans, 7 short-sleeved shirts. Not included in this list are my underthings and house clothes. I also have a couple of scarves.

I think that my wardrobe may have ended up the smallest, but I love it! By going through this, it was really easy to pick out the things that I was happy to wear every day and get rid of the rest. If I’m constantly passing it up in my closet, why is it there? Why do I waste my time either thinking about whether I should wear it or looking not-my-best by wearing it? I also didn’t include any long-sleeved shirts because I’ve realized that they just don’t work for me. My style is a short-sleeved shirt with a cardigan, no matter the weather (though generally not the cardigan during summer, though I do have a short sleeved cardigan that makes appearances). Why am I trying to get myself to wear long sleeved shirts when they are never my favorite thing on me? Nuff said.

I didn’t touch my husband’s wardrobe because he doesn’t like it when I try to get him to get rid of things. Silly boys. He did let me help him get rid of things a while back, so we’ll call that progress. For now, he’s taking up about 3/4 of our closet.

Are you pairing down for fall? Do you live with a small wardrobe? Would you like to live with a smaller one? Join me in getting rid of some clothes! 


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