Simplifying For Fall: Kitchen

Here’s the first day of my adventure in this challenge. Look there for more explanation as to what it is and join me! Just because we’re late doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the party! My kitchen had it coming. Oh goodness did it have it coming! When we did redid our flooring, not only did it cause all of the remodeling mess to be all up in my kitchen’s business, but I insisted on moving a large  cabinet that wasn’t strictly necessary downstairs (I wanted it out of the house, but the compromise was for it to be in the back room). We really didn’t need the extra space, but moving the last few things out of it did require some shifting of organization. And, quite frankly, a little bit of piling things on top of one another. Which resulted in this:

Which, thankfully, I’ve turned into this:

Sorry about the shadow. I plan on using the canned goods up as much as possible, especially the ones that I’m not particularly interested in eating (canned salmon is simply meh), freeing up even more room in the pantry.

The second thing I did was start with this jumbled mess:

And I turned it into this:

I didn’t get rid of much (just the things that were expired), but I did rearrange it in a way that’s more accessible. All of the things on the top of the left cabinet are snacks. In the right cabinet, the left top is extras, then sauces, then sweets. Bottom shelf is noodles, then boxed dinner things, then crackers. I’m going to work on using these up too.

Lastly, I did our random stuff area:

Turning it into this:

This is the area of the house where everything and anything goes. When it doesn’t have a place. When it’s waiting for further action. When come in the door and just set something down. I’m sure all of you have this area too. It gets pretty full of random clutter at times. We were also having an issue with Peanut grabbing stuff out of my husband’s basket (we each have our own little random area within the random area!), including his wedding ring, so I moved it over. There’s still the bottom of the dishwasher on there, as well as a picture frame that Peanut painted and needs a picture, but for the most part, it’s clean.

This is far from our full kitchen, but those were the real trouble areas. I do still want to go through my baking cabinet. I never got around to getting rid of all of the specialty teas that I never drink, so I’d like to go through those. I’m saving it for another time though because it’s not really that bad.


6 thoughts on “Simplifying For Fall: Kitchen

  1. Impressive! We’re doing building work and having to pack up everything from our kitchen definitely helped me to be strict about what to keep! I’m hoping to put it into some sensible order in the new kitchen and keep it that way!

    A small suggestion for your canned goods that I once saw online is to have a half-depth shelf/step in that big shelf which helps to raise the canned goods at the back. It means you can see everything on the shelf rather than the cans you never really like ending up behind all the other ones. I thought it was a brilliant idea and am planning to use it in our new kitchen.

    • As I go through my simplifying, I’ve keep keeping the same idea in mind. Basically “if I were to move right now, would I care to bring this with?” I don’t plan on moving in the near future, but if I wouldn’t want to go to the effort of packing an unpacking it, why do I have it?

      That’s a great idea for the canned goods! I’ve been arranging mine in this order for quite some time to keep them from getting hidden behind one another, but it wastes a lot of space in the middle, then inevitably things end up getting crammed there and then I can’t see anything. I’m definitely going to as my husband or father to build something to lift up the back end. Thanks!

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