Simplifying For Fall: Holiday Decorations

On we go! Here’s the first day and second day of the challenge. Day 3 of the challenge is “Toys and School Supplies,” which I don’t feel the need to simplify. We’ve had a few different purging sessions with toys and we have a rule of one in, one out. At the moment, we need to put that into effect and get rid of a handful of toys, but donating half a dozen toys is hardly worth a blog post. Plus Peanut is having a hard time at the moment (more on that later), so I don’t really feel like adding something that could be potentially upsetting (though it isn’t under normal circumstances) into the mix. See (not included are a few random toy spots around the house for Twig and a small basket each girl gets for car toys):

The white storage unit, caterpillar, and elephant chest (dress-up) are toys.


Stroller, easel, and coloring station.

So, I decided to pare down the holiday decorations.

When I made this decision I told my husband “You can tell I’m taking this minimalism thing seriously because I’m going after the decorations next!” It’s one thing that I’ve neglected to do in all of my getting rid of excess. I think it’s partially because of the whole “out of sight, out of mind” idea, but also partially because my feelings of hesitancy. You see, I think that my mind equates being an adult with having decorations. I’m not quite sure why, but every time I get a new ornament for the tree or find a cute heart for valentines, I feel a bit more grown up. Maybe it’s because, in the past in our small apartment and shared living spaces, there wasn’t really much place to put decorations. The holiday proceeding moving into our house, I remember feeling excited that I could finally buy decorations and hang them everywhere. I held myself back from getting that many, but I did have way too many. Especially for certain holidays.

I started feeling the urge to purge (see what I did there?) last year. The Christmas season was ending and I actually felt relieved to take down the decorations and put them away until next year. Sure, it was in large part the fact that I was concerned that Twig would come before I got them put away and we’d have a Christmas tree up until March, but it was also just having all of this extra clutter in my space. Really, should decorations be so abundant that they’re stressing me out? I think not. 

So, here’s what I started with:

I had so many decorations that I had extras overflowing. I had so many decorations that some of them were in old boxes. I had so many decorations that I was choosing to leave some put away when a holiday rolled around. Hi, I’m Claire and I’m a holidayaholic. 

It also turns out that I hold more sentimental value to Peanut’s past Halloween costumes than I did my wedding dress. In my defense, I didn’t make my wedding dress. It was hard, but I took the parts that were logical to keep for Peanut’s dress-up bin and put the rest in the trash/freecycle pile. Speaking of, here it is:

And, last but not least, here are my keeps:

Left bin is Christmas stuff, including tree ornaments (of which I got rid of all of the generic ones). Middle is Easter baskets with eggs, disposable dishes (mostly left over from postpartum let’s-not-do-dishes days and at least some of which I’m about to donate to a newly postpartum friend), and giftbags. Yeah, I’m one of those people who keeps the giftbags for things that I have been given to me to reuse them. Now that they’re all in one place, hopefully I’ll actually reuse them. Last bin is Halloween stuff (with a few autumn things thrown in), including just my husband’s and my LoTR costumes, since they’re quick and awesome for years were I don’t have the energy to put together costumes myself. I think I’m going to move the Halloween stuff to a smaller bin since it doesn’t need that much space, but other than that I’m done!

Just because I have a house doesn’t mean I need to decorate for every holiday. Decorations should not stress me out. I am still an adult if I don’t own 10 puffy hearts to put on my couch for the whole month of February. If I keep repeating these things, I’ll eventually believe them.


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