Simplifying For Fall: Bathroom

Here’s the first daysecond day, and third day of the challenge. Today’s challenge is bathrooms. Luckily, I really only have one to clean, as the half bath just holds my hair straightener (for getting my hair ready while my husband is in the shower). Really, we don’t even have real cabinets in there, just an almost entirely empty shelf unit. The other bathroom though, that one needed some work. Majorly.

My husband and I had been discussing altering our bathroom drawers now that Twig is more mobile. As it is currently, we had our medicines on the bottom, which obviously isn’t the best thing with kids around. Luckily, Peanut has never really been the kid to wander around trying to find bottles of pills to down. Still probably wasn’t the smartest thing to have them on the bottom, but it’s where they happened to end up when we moved and we haven’t changed it since. Twig though, she’s super oral. I seriously found her scrounging around for her sister’s crumbs below her chair this morning. Yeah, she’ll totally eat all the pills. Time to move those to a better place.

Also, things were just getting out of hand. I have a habit of going through drawers every year or so and getting rid of stuff. When I do that, I tend to give everything it’s pretty little place (see after photo) and it’s all fine and dandy. Then, of course, things get added to the mix, standing up things fall over, or we just don’t put things back exactly where I’ve designated in the drawer, so our drawers end up with just piles of stuff in them. Need the teething tablets? Let’s break out the flashlight! Want a pony tail for my hair? Better set aside five minutes to search! I have no idea how to break this habit, but I can remedy the current problem.

We also had a lot of things that I just don’t feel like keeping. Samples of toothpaste that I’m never going to use, fever reducers from when Peanut had the flu back before I found out that fevers are good for you, and the list goes on. Some of these things needed to go. Some of it, like the diaper lanolizing supplies, needed to be moved. All in all, this is one room I really wanted to tackle and the challenge gave me just the reason to go ahead and get it over with.

We started off with the pictures going cabinet, husband’s drawer, my drawer, girls’ drawer, medicine. We ended with cabinet (my hair stuff and some other random things that are nice to have up top), medicine, husband’s drawer, my drawer, girls’ drawer (with the leftover supplies from homebirthing in the back because I occasionally use the big pads they put under you for when Peanut falls asleep and I’m in the middle of washing diapers).

I can already tell you after living with this new set up for about a week that it’s awesome! Having a bathroom that you can actually find things is nice. Who would have thought?

Sorry again for the awful quality of pictures. I really need to take my camera in to get fixed. 


4 thoughts on “Simplifying For Fall: Bathroom

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  2. A quick tip for medicines – it’s better to keep them out of the bathroom. The heat and steam common in bathrooms allows these things to grow bacteria and go bad more quickly! Same thing with makeup!

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