Simplifying For Fall: Schedules and Routines

Twig in our Music Class.

This is the last day of the Simplify For Fall challenge. Technically Mandi added another day because she forgot living rooms when she first wrote it out, but luckily my living rooms are in great shape. We don’t keep a whole lot in those areas because they’re company areas. Just furniture and a few toys for the girls. Here’s the first daysecond daythird dayfourth day, and fifth day of the challenge.

Today’s task is schedules and routines. We’re pretty lucky in that our schedules are purposely kept as empty as possible. I’ve always over-scheduled myself, but I’m making an effort to counteract that. My biggest thing I try to do is to keep to one big event a day and as few days a week as possible (though it ends up that we have something scheduled more days than not). As an example, here’s what last week was like for us:

  • Sunday Lunch at my in-laws’ at 1PM, which happens every week. We tend to spend Sundays just hanging out over there or, if my parents are off work, then we go there for dinner. We are so luckily to have grandparents who want to see our children and are willing to watch them while I do homework and go take tests, which is also something I try to accomplish a lot of on Sundays.
  • Monday This is a big due date for my homework. This is the last day that I can take my weekly physiology quiz, chemistry quiz, and turn in my chemistry lab. It’s pretty difficult to get homework done with the girls, so I try to get as much as I can of this done during the night after they go to bed and on the weekends when we’re over at the grandparents. I need to get better about this though. Last Monday I also donated plasma, which I plan on doing on a regular basis now. I did chemistry reading while I was donating. We also went to lunch with my mom.
  • Tuesday We have Peanut’s dance class. We’re trying out a new one and have to stick with it for at least 2 months, via the contract. I’m not 100% happy with it, but I’ve given up on being happy with anything besides their music classes. Pretty much any class we’ve tried out for Peanut bribes and expects things that I don’t think are 3 year-old appropriate (like sit on this circle or you can’t participate). I have a blog on that I should review and post. Anyway, I try to avoid doing much besides the dance class. This Tuesday, I also had to take a chemistry exam, during which my mom watched the girls while I finished studying and then my in-laws watched the girls while I went in and took it. 93%!
  • Wednesday We try to go to story time at the library by our house on Wednesdays, but this Wednesday we had a play date scheduled, so we skipped it. Our play date ended up being cancelled because her little sister was sick, but we did get a bike trailer from a friend for free (yay bike riding!) and then we went grocery shopping. We also went into the Humane Society and played with the kitties, which Peanut loved. Hopefully I’ll be starting to donate plasma on Wednesday mornings. Yay money!
  • Thursday Thursdays have been stressful days in the past, but luckily that should be over! My husband has been working on a big project at work and for the past four months, Thursdays have been his late nights. Meaning he doesn’t get home from work until the girls are in bed. And that’s on top of his working 10 hours a day! Ugh! Hopefully, unless there’s a ton of bugs with the program or something, the long hours should be over. This past Thursday we went to the park with friends and then lunch with daddy before he went back to work. We also went shopping for stuff for our Halloween costumes.
  • Friday Fridays don’t have much planned, but it’s the first day I can take my physiology quiz and I have my physiology lab due the next day, so I try to do as much homework as possible. We sometimes have friends over in the evening to play board games.
  • Saturday Saturdays are pretty stressful at times, but fun! We try to do the fun things that are available near our house, since there’s generally a lot going on. We also have the girls’ Music Together class, which is in Salt Lake City, about a 45 minute drive. My husband comes with us (which is why we have it scheduled for Saturday) and then we usually go to lunch somewhere in the city afterwards. Somehow we always end up getting home later than I anticipate. Then my husband’s friends come over to play Magic: The Gathering until the wee hours of the night. I try to accomplish as much homework as possible during this time too.

So, as you can see, we don’t really have a lot of mandatory attendance things throughout our week, but we do end up doing a lot in a week. My goal continues to be the same one in that I want to avoid putting too much on our plates. We have a great time with play dates so I’ve been trying to get in more of those. The girls are just so much more happy (as am I) when we’ve been around people we enjoy.

My second goal is to accomplish more homework during the week. I tend to do a bunch on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, then not do any at all for Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. If I could keep it spread out throughout the week, it wouldn’t be so much at once.

Lastly, my third goal is to be more present when I’m playing with the girls. Especially when school is in, I feel so hard pressed for time that I feel the need to always been multitasking. Either I’m folding laundry while we’re playing on their floor or I’m writing a blog post in my head while I color or I’m messing on my phone while I’m pushing Peanut on the swing. The reason that we decided that I should stay at home with the girls is that we wanted a parent present in their day-to-day lives. It’s not fair to them if I’m only half there. And if I’m more present the majority of the time, it’ll be easier for them to give me some space when I really need it.

Thanks for joining me as I went through the Simplifying for Fall Challenge. It’s been nice to get things in order as fall is starting. Have any of you followed the challenge or simplified on your own? 

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