Newsletter – August/September 2012

Hello Girls!

Sorry I missed last month’s newsletter. We were running around having so much fun that I forgot again! Trust me, mama forgetting things will become a theme in your lives. Actually, it already has. Whenever I turn the car around immediately after leaving the house, Peanut asks me “What did you forget?”

If I would have gotten last month’s newsletter, I would have been correct that Twig would be crawling by the end of the month. The day that I officially called it (since you started moving in a specific direction with determination) was August 16th. I know this because I took a video of it (see above). And 6 weeks later, you’re zooming around. You crawl crazy fast, pull yourself to stand, and even walk along furniture. You’ll be walking any day now.

Twig in Music Together

You also had your first real tumble. Last Friday you fell down the stairs. Well, you’ve actually fallen down the stairs once before, but that was back when they were carpeted and you toppled down the stairs. This time, since we have our banister removed to be painted, you actually fell of the side of the stairs and landed about 3 stairs down. On your head and everything. I felt like an awful mama, but we took you to the doctor and she said you were just fine. Luckily I caught you after the initial bonk, so that’s really all you hit.

You’re a big talker now too. Daddy says you yell way more than sister ever did and I don’t doubt it. It seems like you’re constantly screaming. Not in a mad or sad way, just screaming. You’re also trying out your pre-words like mamamamamama and dadadadadada and you even say up, but without context of course. You’re also laughing all the time now. So much so that if I hadn’t witnessed it, I would never think you could have been a stingy laugher.

You’ve started getting upset when people leave the room. Not just mama either. If you’re looking at someone and they walk away, regardless of if it’s somewhere you can follow, you just start to wail. I think you’re starting to get a bit of separation anxiety. Though when mama leaves, you generally don’t care too much. I think it’s partially that I’ve avoided leaving you very much thus far, but you stay pretty much happy while I’m gone from what I hear. The grandmas also say that you do the sign for milk a lot while I’m gone (though I’m not sure if you know that’s what you’re doing or if you even associate it with nursing). Then, of course, you always want to nurse as soon as I get back.

Peanut’s had a hard time this past month. Mama read everywhere that it gets hard again when baby number 2 can get into the older sibling’s things, but oh boy she didn’t really grasp it until it was here. You’ve been extra sensitive, to the point where the word “no” will set you off screaming crying, even if it’s not directed at you. Things have gotten better though since mama has figured out a game plan. When I just sit and hold you until the tears are over, you feel better faster and you have less outbursts overall. Too bad it took me so long to come to this confusion. Just goes to show that even the most well-intentioned mama can make mistakes.

You’ve taken up a sudden interest in writing. I tried to get you to write last year and you wanted nothing to do with it, but you suddenly decided that not only did you want to spell your name, but you wanted to write it too. Now every time that there’s a name tag (like music class or story time) you want to be the one to write your name. You also like writing your first, middle, and last name, but need help on the last name because you can’t remember how to write some of the letters. You also went on the boat for the first time (and were obsessed with it for weeks before and after), ran your first race (only 1K, but you loved it), and went rock climbing for the first time.

I’m constantly amazed at the things you say. The other day when we were driving in the car with daddy, you asked him if he knew what our “des-in-a-shon” was (destination), which was not only adorable since you pronounce almost everything correctly (which makes it that much more cute when you don’t), but also because you remembered the word destination! You also pronounce dinosaur names better than I do half the time and you’ve recently started saying “Sure. I don’t care.” when we ask you a question. I didn’t even realize that I say that until it came out of your mouth.

Even with the stress of sister getting into your things, you still absolutely adore her. About 90% of the time when she’s laughing it’s because of you. You love to play peek-a-boo with her and “train” (which is you getting in front of her and crawling, then she follows you). You love to play in the bath with her (and occasionally take her toys) and you think it’s the coolest thing in the world to feed her with a spoon yourself (for things that we use spoons for like yogurt). You’ve also figured out how to pick her up (which is mostly dragging her feet while you hold her around the chest), which doesn’t always turn out happy. It does come in handy when Twig starts messing with the receiver while you’re watching a show though.

Until next month!


One thought on “Newsletter – August/September 2012

  1. Hannabert fell down our porch stairs (backed right off of them) and landed on his head. I was horrified and sent DH down to stay with his parents for the night so that “Dr. Grandpa” (really an OB/Gyn) could monitor the situation (we had no power anyway). Scary isn’t it!

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