Shape Monsters

We’ve been doing quite a bit of Halloween crafts this year and this one was such a hit that I wanted to share it with you all. I found the idea here. It’s a bit of a mommy-labor intensive craft, since I was the one that had to cut out all the pieces, but it was still a ton of fun. I actually enjoyed coming up with new shapes for arms and legs and mustaches. Yes, I said mustaches. Peanut requested them.

I call this one Mustachazoid.

Here are some tips that I came up with when doing the craft. Really, they could be applied to any craft where the children are gluing pieces together. A lot of these are common sense tips, but things that are nice to know before starting a craft rather than learning yourself along the way (like I did!).

Have fun with shapes. The more creative you are with arm shapes, the more fun the monsters will be!

Don’t worry about them being perfect. No one is inspecting your pentagon to make sure the sides are all the correct length and the angles are perfect. Trust me.

Fold, fold, fold! If you need to mass produce something that doesn’t need to be unique, fold the paper as many times as you can cut through and then cut the shape. This was particularly useful for the eyes, which did have a few different sizes, but needed to be replicated a lot (some of Peanut’s monsters had 10 eyes!).

Our separate piles.

Keep piles separate. If you have the piles kept separate from each other, not only does this allow the child to go right for what they’re looking for, but it allows you to know what you need to make more of.

Reduce waste! Use small pieces left over after cutting the shapes for making the small pieces. Yay less waste!

Have fun crafting!


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