Nine Months

This is a continuation of the pictures I’m taking of Twig on her month-day. Past months: OneTwoThreeFourFive, SixSeven (eight skipped because a sad broken camera).

Yay! My camera is back! $175 later, the sensor is fixed. Thank goodness for budgeting because what is a difficult month with that extra expensive would have turned into horrific if I didn’t have the separate categories and know exactly how much I could manage to take from each this month. I got back my camera right in time for Twig’s month day! So we’re back with our monthly photos.

Waiting for Music Together to start.



Peanut writes her name on her tag by herself every time.


Plug covers are great!



This is her “I hear a noise, what is it?” face.


Look at those eyes! So hazel!



Ever since I put ties on her soakers, she thinks they are for her to eat and unties them immediately.



Big alligator tears!


This is Peanut taking over the camera.


She got some good shots, albiet blurry.




On nom nom kitty!



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