Knitting, Knitting, Knitting

So, this knitting thing and I have really hit it off. Honestly, I don’t see myself ever giving up my new hobby. I guess you can still call it new, considering there are many ladies out there who have been doing this for decades, but I’ve actually been doing it over a year now. Considering how fickle I can be with crafting, I’m going to go ahead and count that in dog years.

I think it also helps that I’m one of those people that dives into something full force. When I learn something, I don’t just learn enough to get by. I learn everything I can find on the subject. Sure, I can look at my projects and see things I would have liked to be different, sure there are still plenty of techniques for me to learn, but I can actually answer other people’s knitting questions. I was even hired as a knitting instructor at our local JoAnn’s this past July, but quickly changed my mind after freaking out for a few days about the prospect of being gone from Twig for 3+ hours at a time when I hadn’t actually left her in someone else’s care for more than 30 minutes in the past and she’d never had a bottle.

I was planning on sharing my projects on this blog as I finish them, but I’ve been horrible with it. In my Ravelry (friend me!) I actually have 44 completed projects (and some that I’m realizing I forgot to put on there), which is quite a few more than I’ve shared on here. So I’m going to start sharing them, slowly, with all of you. Maybe once a week or so (as to not overwhelm you all with non-breastfeeding/parenting stuffs) I’ll post a new one until I have them all on here.

So to start off, let’s rewind nearly a year to last Christmas! Honestly, to look back that far sends shrieks of horror off in my head. I look back at these projects and can’t believe I actually gave them as gifts! I truly do not think my talents were to the point of giving them away yet, but all’s well that ends well, I suppose. At least all of my friends and family were kind enough to not complain.

I’ve already posted the hats that I made for my step dad and brother in law, as well as Peanut’s sweater (Which still fits and she’s started wearing sometimes now that it’s getting cold. Really though, it’s been a fight to get her to wear warm clothes at all though.).

First is a scarf knitted for my brother. He always wears scarves in the winter and I thought this yarn just screamed him. I just knit a K1P1 pattern and knit the knits/purled the purls for 40 stitches wide. I went about 5.5 feet long and stopped earlier than I wanted to because it was actually February before he got it. I was pretty fail about getting people their gifts on time, but I guess that’s to be expected when you try to knit everyone’s gifts after only knitting for a few months and you’re full term pregnant. Man, weird to think I was about to have Twig last Christmas.

Next is my mom’s failed shawl. It’s Your Feminine Side Ruffles from Scarves and Shawls for Yarn Lovers First off, I shouldn’t have done this out of acrylic. This is before I knew anything about yarn. I’m also guessing I didn’t use the correct weight, but haven’t checked the pattern to be certain. With that and the fact that I’m pretty sure I didn’t look at how much yarn was actually needed before starting, I didn’t come anywhere close to finishing it with the two skeins I had. After debating for quite a while, I gave up and turned it into a scarf instead. I feel bad because it’s truly awful, but decided to give it to her anyway. I put so much time and effort into it (it was something like 300 stitches wide and I had to undo and redo the cast on over half a dozen times) that I couldn’t just frog it. I gave her an extra pretty birthday present (which I will share soon) to hopefully make up for it. It’s amazing to see how much skill I’ve gained over 10 months.

For a friend of mine and her daughter, I made them matching scarves. I think you can tell how new I was to knitting because all I did was scarves. 😛 It was just a simple K1P1 design. They’re both short and thin because I thought that would be cool.

Right after Twig was born, some of our good friends had their baby. It’s actually been pretty cool watching them grow up being only about 6 weeks apart. As part of her breastfeeding basket, I knit her a cute little hat. It’s just a simple blue cotton hat. I think this was one of my first projects knitted in the round though.

Lastly, my father-in-law’s birthday present. When we used to live with them, I would go upstairs every morning and join him in the sun room (their deck which they enclosed to be a bright and beautiful room full of windows) to read the paper and have a cup of coffee. He still drinks coffee every morning, so I figured I’d do a gift based on that. I made him two coasters and a coffee cup cozy.

The coasters were so-so. It was before I knew about blocking, so I think I could have made them more square if I would have known what to do. The cozy though. That thing was awesome. I think it’s the first project that turned out exactly how I wanted it to. The first project that I’m actually proud of. Worked great on the cup too!

Any other knitters out there? Or maybe you do a different craft? Do you see a hugh difference in your first projects as opposed to the ones you make now? Does looking back to your beginnings make you want to hide under the covers like it does me? 


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