Mythbusting Halloween

This year for Halloween, we were Mythbusters. At Peanut’s request because, yes, my 3 year old is obsessed with Mythbusters. She requested that she be Adam and little sister be Jamie. To round it off, we made a Grant (me), Tory (my husband) and Kari (Our dog Curie). Sorry Kari Byron! I don’t think you look like I dog, I just don’t have the figure to pretend to be you! Plus I’m Asian, therefore my husband said I had to be Grant. Anyway, on to the pictures!


From left to right: My husband shaved his facial hair to look like Tory’s and wore a Warning: Science in Progress shirt that I made him (tutorial later this week). Curie wore a plaid skirt and white shirt, a la this episode. Twig wore grey pants, a black long sleeved shirt, white long sleeved button up shirt (rolled up on the arms), glasses (from the dollar bin at Target with the lenses popped out) and a black beret I knit (I’ll do a post about that later this week). I wore a black long sleeved button up shirt (arms rolled up), silver watch, safety glasses on my head, and carried around a remote control for a toy car. Peanut wore an Indiana Jones hat, black shirt with herself printed on it (like this one Adam wore), and glasses (like sister’s, but black). I didn’t track of spending like I did last year, but I’d say that the whole set of costumes cost under $40. I used what we had at home, bought things at Savers instead of new, and borrowed what I could. All of the clothes are reusable for the future too, including the beret which is now Peanut’s!

Peanut also got a mustache with lipliner. Twig didn’t get a walrus stash because I couldn’t figure out a way to get one on her and actually have it stay on.

That was mighty wordy for a Wordless Wednesday post, so enough of that! Photo time!

Busted trick-or-treat bag. Needed higher sides, so it didn’t really work for actual trick-or-treating.

Switching treats to another bag.



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