Seasons of Our Lives

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much on my blog lately.

Having two kids that require pretty much constant attention (or, conversely, are probably making a horrible mess), trying to keep my house functional, and doing {may I add, pretty dang well in} 3/4 time school can get pretty hectic.

Parenting, no matter how dull and mind numbing society seems to think it is, takes quite a bit of creativity. It takes a lot of physical and emotional work too. Then there’s the breath of relief when I realize the children are to bed for the night, immediately followed by doing the other productive things I must do that night. Housework, homework, knitting gifts, doing the budget, and so on. By the time that’s all over, my mind and body want to relax in a passive way, generally by listening to an audiobook (currently Free-Range Parenting and The Lord of the Rings) or watching a tv show. Often, even the passive hobbies are done while accomplishing something, in the case of knitting gifts (relatively passive once you’ve got the technique down) or cleaning while listening to a book.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Yes, life is stressful. Yes, my husband often gets an earful. Yes, I get overwhelmed. At the same time though, I feel very happy about where I’m at. I feel like I am excelling at all of my endeavors as of late (except blogging apparently). Even though Twig is a human wrecking ball and Peanut is going through a stage that is very difficult for me to handle, I feel connected to my children and, the majority of the time, I feel I am excelling at parenting the way I want parent.

So a long way to get to a short point: this is just the season of my life.

The season of my life where small humans rely on me for almost everything. The season of my life where there are not enough hours in the day to clean the amount of mess that can be made. The season of my life where I attempt to do well in school without too much physical separation from my children. The season of my life where even menial tasks like taking out the trash sit on my to do list for days before they can get done. The season of my life where I am teetering on the edge of becoming a crazy woman rocking in the corner pulling her hair out.

Often times we fight the seasons of our lives. We don’t want to give in and let things change. We want things to fit into the perfect little box that they used to. Stop fighting it. Live in the now. Accept that the things you once liked, or even loved, may become unimportant in your life. The only constant in life is change. Once you accept where your life is now, you can finally start living it.


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