Jamie Hyneman Beret

For Halloween, our family was the Mythbusters.

Jamie’s Beret is his trademark. Really, his whole look is his trademark. The only time he’s not wearing this specific outfit is when he’s wearing safety equipment or he’s doing something really dirty (though he mostly wears it even then too!). Trust me, I’ve paid a lot of attention to his clothes since Peanut decided on our Halloween costumes.

After looking for baby berets online and not finding what I wanted or things that were in my budget, I decided to just knit one. I looked for baby sized berets on Ravelry and found exactly what I was looking for with this one (pattern found here by Wooly Wormhead, knit with Country by Naturally Caron). Only problem was that it was too small for Twig’s head. The biggest size was 18 inches and her head is 19, so I decided to knit with one needle size up to make it a little bigger. Turns out I should have just stuck with the smaller needles, because it was a little big on her!

Twig doesn’t like things on her head, so she kept trying to pull it off.

The hat being a little too big made it slightly awkward for Halloween, but it turns out it was for the best in the end. It fit Peanut perfectly as a slouchy hat! Good thing too, since she’ll actually keep things on her head.



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