Friends With Kids-An Attachment Parenting Friendly Movie

Friends-With-Kids-4First off, I’d like to say that I’m definitely not a movie critic. Honestly, I like most movies. I just get easily frustrated when movies about parenting have over-exaggerated birth scenes, moms pumping and dumping, and things of that sort.

I’d also like to say that this movie is rated R and it earns that rating! I’m fairly sure it dropped the f-bomb more than a dozen times and it had a scene where they were watching porn and it shows it (though obviously not the real porn parts). I’m not personally offended by any of this, but if you might be, maybe don’t watch this movie.

On to the review! I’ll do my best to avoid any real spoilers.

I got this movie because it looked cute and funny, but expected to get mad at the parenting parts. I was happy to find I wasn’t mad at all! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

The first spot where I expected to get angry was the birth. First off, the scene was pretty short. Far cry from the extensive “Ah! What’s going on! My water broke and this hurts so bad I hate my husband!” scenes that are generally shown in movies. It fast forwards to them in the hospital with her pushing. The guy is freaking out a bit and when the doctor asks for scissors he says she doesn’t want an episiotomy, but rather to tear naturally, so she can heal faster. Sure, the reason she wanted to heal faster was silly (so she can start dating again faster), but they’re acknowledging that tearing naturally heals faster! Then the doctor does it anyway, which is a nice representation of how many women are treated in a hospital birth in my opinion.

22SUBCOUPLES_SPAN-articleLargeNext, the breastfeeding. They’re back from the hospital and the baby is nursing. Dad says something along the lines of “he’ll never be happier than he is right now” while the baby is nursing. Yes, it was a boob joke, but it was a good one! Nursing provides nutrition, comfort, and love all at once and all when that person has just been through the most physically traumatic part of their life (their own birth). Yeah, it might be the most content feeling you’ll ever experience.

They even babywear in this movie. Sure, it’s a crotch dangler, but it’s babywearing! On dad even! And baby hardly makes a peep when he’s being worn.

Overall, this movie was not only well written, but showed what parenting is really like. Mom breaks down because having a baby is hard, Dad gets covered in diarrhea, and they’re all happier for it. Yeah, babies in my world don’t fall asleep as quick and easy as that one does, but who knows, maybe there are miraculous sleeping babies out there.

I’d definitely recommend this movie to anyone, especially attachment parents looking to watch a romantic comedy without yelling at the tv.

Have you watched any good movies lately? Any that don’t get your natural parent blood boiling? Any that you’d recommend if you want to have a good screaming match with the tv?


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