iPhone Gloves

Another Christmas present here!

I made these for my step-dad. On first look, they look like regular mittens:


On second look, they seem a little bit more off:


Then, whoa! They’re fingerless!


What??! They’re thumbless too!


Alright, now that the theatrics are over. My dad works out way out in the boonies and it gets cold out there in the winter. He also has to drive quite a ways to get there. I know how frustrating it is to have on nice warm gloves and then have to take them off in order to use your phone, so when I saw these gloves (Ravelry link) I thought they’d be perfect for him. You can use not only your fingers on your phone, but thumbs too! I used Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool yarn (water resistant, yeah!).

If I did them again, I’d probably decrease the size around the wrist and lower hand, especially if they’re for a girl (like maybe myself one of these days!). They looked ridiculous on my not-so-tiny girl hands and less so on my husband’s hands (and I’m certain my gauge was on). I chalk it up to partially the fact that they’re made to look more like mittens and I’m more used to gloves along with the fact that the pattern does state them as XL man gloves. At the time I wasn’t sure if it meant XL men or man=XL, but I’d say it’s the former after doing the pattern. Luckily, they seemed to fit my dad well.

Everyone who saw me knitting these were super impressed and honestly, it was a really fun project just for the nifty techniques I had to learn. I now can do Judy’s Magic Cast on (great for toe-up socks!) and a 3 needle bind off. I just knit these in the round using DPNs instead of using the two circulars method, but the instructions were easy enough to figure out for DPNs. I’m also going to send the pattern maker a few corrections/clarifications I noticed while knitting the pattern. Regardless, I’d definitely recommend it.


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