Newsletter – December 2012

Hi girls!

We’ve had a fun December! It started with a bit of stress from mama finishing her finals, but then we got to spend the rest of the month at home with each other and it was lovely. All day together without going anywhere is sometimes stressful, but more often it’s just nice to be at home with you girls. It makes me sad to start my semester and Peanut’s preschool again next month!

DSC_0042Twig, you are such a climber. I honestly think your love of climbing delayed your learning to walk! You were just so interested in getting on higher and higher things that I think you could have cared less about horizontal movement! Step stools, tables, foot stools, couches, you’ll climb it all! And if you fall back down, you’ll cry for a second and then climb back up again!

IMG_2285Over this last month, you’ve gone from being totally uninterested in walking to a complete pro. You walk around constantly just because you can it seems. In circles, turning around in place, avoiding obstacles, walking on different surfaces, it’s all just cake for you. It’s like you were just waiting until you were developmentally ready to do it all before you tried to master the actual act of walking. You’re even convinced that you can walk down stairs, which has made them scary for mama again. You just can’t give me a rest on those things! You had a tumble again the other day, but you were just fine. Regardless though, you should just stop with the falling down the stairs thing.

DSC_0062Peanut, your new favorite thing is to mimic. You’ll pick a person and have to do anything they do. One day in music class it was one of your friends you know from preschool, dancing in all the same places she did and sitting next to her. Often it’s little sister, crawling around on the ground with her and touching all the things she touches. Even at times when I ask you to put on your jacket you say “Is mommy/daddy/sister wearing one?” before you decide if you’ll wear one.

Daddy, Mommy holding Twig, and Peanut.

Daddy, Mommy holding Twig, and Peanut.

You’re turning out to be a little artist too. For Pop Pop’s birthday, you not only wrote his card (Happy Birthday Pop Pop Love Dea written all by yourself), but you drew a picture of him on the front, as well as a picture of you on the inside holding the cake while Mema was next to you making sure you didn’t drop it. All your words! You also wrote and drew cards for all of your preschool teachers to go with the cookies we made them for your last day of preschool. You’ll start back up with preschool next month when the new school semester starts at the university, but the two student teachers will be gone and new ones will be there to replace them.

Hoping that next month can be as wonderful as this last month as been!



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